Dietitian responds to anti-GMO story in Rochester Post Bulletin

Jen Haugen

The Rochester Post Bulletin had a story in its March 3 edition that contained several nuggets of misinformation about biotechnology and genetically modified foods (GMOs) from the story’s subject, Jeff Litterell. A few examples:

  • According to Littrell, those genetic changes in foods make them less nutritious and can lead to illnesses in people who consume them.
  • There are no studies over 90 days that show the safety of GMOs.
  • Often cattle that are raised on genetically altered feed won’t touch their food unless syrups are added to make it more appealing.

Jen Haugen, a registered dietitian and mom who lives in Austin, wrote a response to the original story and used her background in science and research to set the record straight about GMOs. You can read Haugen’s complete response here. A couple of highlights:

  • I have done extensive research and spoken professionally on the topic of food biotechnology, and there were several facts missing from the Post Bulletin article.
  • What about they safety of food biotechnology? There has been extensive study of food biotechnology and more than 20 years of independent research, and the results are clear.
  • We are bombarded daily with messages in the media about our food, messages that are meant to instill fear. I choose to base my food decisions on facts from experts and not fear. I urge you to do the same.

Again, please read Haugen’s entire response. It is more than worth your time.

Haugen also is one of 11 CommonGround volunteers in Minnesota. CommonGround is a group of volunteer farm women who engage in conversations with non-farm women about food and nutrition.


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