Don't let Big Oil rig the debate

Did you know that the oil industry has spent more than $1 million for every member of Congress to buy influence on Capitol Hill over the last five years? Or that despite hundreds of billions of dollars in profits, oil companies enjoy special tax breaks and subsidies that date back to 1913?

All of these facts and more can be found at, a new website from Fuels America that holds nothing back in shooting down myths and misinformation spread by Big Oil companies about homegrown ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Fuels America is also launching a major national television and digital ad campaign to “expose the many ways the oil industry is rigging the system to protect their profits and block the transition to clean, American renewable fuels.”

The campaign also shows the benefits of the RFS, bi-partisan legislation passed in 2007 that aims to increase the use of homegrown renewable fuels. Big Oil has been lobbying hard to repeal the RFS and recently won a victory when the Environmental Protection Agency proposed reducing the amount of renewable fuels to be blended in gasoline as called for in the RFS.

Big Oil’s attacks on renewable fuels like homegrown ethanol have serious effects, especially right here in Minnesota. A recent report concluded that the renewable fuels sector in Minnesota is responsible for $11.7 billion in annual economic output, 48,506 jobs, $3 billion in annual wages and $1.1 billion in federal and state tax revenue.

Now is not the time to cave into Big Oil’s demands and reduce our use of homegrown renewable fuels. Be sure to check out and get the facts about ethanol and the RFS.

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