Corn-fed research: New publication highlights corn farmers' support for beef initiatives

Yes, it’s called the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, but its investments and support provide a boost for all of agriculture.

Minnesota’s corn farmers have invested nearly $3 million in research and programs that improve and support the production of beef livestock. These investments are highlighted by MCGA in a new publication titled “Minnesota Corn Growers Association Beef Initiatives.”

“Cattle farmers are one of our largest customers,” said Ryan Buck, MCGA President and a corn farmer near Goodhue. “It’s a partnership corn farmers are proud of and one we plan on expanding in the future. When corn farmers and cattle farmers work together, all of agriculture, as well as consumers who buy our products, benefit.”

Corn farmers have supported 15 research projects related to beef livestock since 2008. Examples include studies to enhance the feeding value of corn residue to improve beef cattle production, finishing cattle on low soluble distillers grains and updating the National Research Council’s nutrient requirements for beef.

Minnesota corn check-off funds also support 25 events and initiatives that benefit cattle farmers. The Minnesota Beef EXPO, The Minnesota 4-H Purple Ribbon Livestock Auction and Minnesota Dairy Convention are a few examples.

Corn farmers are proud to grow food, feed, fiber and fuel for a growing world population. A single bushel of corn is capable of providing 2.8 gallons of homegrown ethanol for our vehicles and 18 pounds of Dried Distillers Grains (DDG), a high-protein cattle feed. In most developed countries, more corn is used for animal feed than for human food.

For a complete list of research projects, sponsorships and other initiatives supported by MCGA to improve cattle production, be sure to check out the new publication.

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