Minnesota's prevented planting dates for corn approaching

Unfortunately, Mother Nature has delayed corn planting once again this spring. Farmers who can’t even get in the fields due to the cold and wet spring may end up using the prevented planting coverage of their crop insurance policy.

Prevented planting occurs when an insured crop fails to get planted by the final planting date designated in the insurance policy. For the southern two-thirds of Minnesota, the final plant date for corn is May 31 (June 10 for soybeans) in order to receive full crop insurance coverage for 2014. In Northern Minnesota, the final plant date for corn is May 25 (June 10 for soybeans).

The late planting period extends 25 days after the crop’s final planting date, with insurance coverage reduced by 1 percent for each day panting is delayed past May 31.

This USDA Risk Management Agency map shows all prevented planting dates by county for Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. This prevented planting fact sheet from USDA is also useful, so is Risk Management Agency’s prevented planting website.

There are several factors that go into a decision on whether to file a prevented planting claim or plant late. Every farm is different, and what makes sense for one farmer may not be right for another. If you’re a farmer considering your prevented or late planting options, it’s important that you consult with your insurance agent for more details and to have your specific questions answered.

Thank you to all the farmers working hard this spring to overcome the challenges presented by Mother Nature and get their crops in the ground. Your hard work and determination is appreciated.

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