Debunking myths and misinformation in an old anti-E15 video from FOX News

E15 gives consumers more choice at the pump.

There’s a video floating around the web from FOX News that trashes E15 — a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline.

Here at, we’re used to seeing mainstream media outlets parrot Big Oil talking points and get the facts wrong about E15 and ethanol, but this particular video is so bad (it’s actually unintentionally funny), it merits its own multi-part response.

Even though the video is a couple years old, it seems to just now be picking up steam and getting widely circulated, ending up in people’s email inboxes kind of like those emails from Saudi princes who want to share their multi-million dollar fortune with you — all they need is your bank account number.

Before an overzealous anti-ethanol friend or family member sends you the video, you can check it out below.

And if you want to bring that overzealous anti-ethanol friend or family member up to speed on the facts about ethanol and E15, keep checking the rest of this week. We’ll go through the video point-by-point, shooting down the ridiculous claims made by the two talking heads.

There wasn’t a lot of testing done on (E15)
Lauren Fix (heh) from “The Car Coach” wastes little time in getting her information completely wrong about E15. About 1:10 into the clip, she says there hasn’t been a lot of testing done on the fuel.

In fact, E15 is the most tested fuel in the history of fuels. The Department of Energy tested over 80 vehicles, racking up more than 6 million miles. EPA concluded that E15 is safe for vehicles made in 2001 and newer.

Don’t use it in your car
But what about the ultimate test? What happens when consumers actually put E15 in their vehicles? About 1:25 into the clip, Fix (heh), “The Car Coach” talking head, would have you believe that your engine immediately quits working and your car evaporates into thin air.

In reality, your car runs just like it did on regular unleaded, maybe even a little better due to an octane boost from the extra ethanol. Consumers also get the added bonus of saving at the pump (E15 is typically priced 10-20 cents less than regular unleaded) and reducing harmful tailpipe emissions. Filling up with E15 also means you’re supporting a cleaner-burning, homegrown fuel.

Over 100 million miles have been driven on E15 without a single incident.

Check back on Tuesday as we continue dissecting the untruths in this video and giving you the facts about ethanol and E15. In other words, we’re going to fix everything Fix said (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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