Debunking myths and misinformation in an old anti-E15 video from FOX News (part 2)

Higher ethanol blends like E15 save consumers money at the pump and offer legitimate choices every time you fill up your vehicle.

There’s a video floating around the web from FOX News that trashes E15 — a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline.

Here at, we’re used to seeing mainstream media outlets parrot Big Oil talking points and get the facts wrong about E15 and ethanol, but this particular video is so bad (it’s actually unintentionally funny), it merits its own multi-part response.

Today’s post is part 2 of that multi-part response. Click here to read part 1.

Even though the video is a couple years old, it seems to just now be picking up steam and getting widely circulated, ending up in people’s email inboxes kind of like those emails from Saudi princes who want to share their multi-million dollar fortune with you — all they need is your bank account number.

Before an overzealous anti-ethanol friend or family member sends you the video, you can check it out below.

And if you want to bring that overzealous anti-ethanol friend or family member up to speed on the facts about ethanol and E15, keep checking the rest of this week. We’ll go through the video point-by-point, shooting down the ridiculous claims made by the two talking heads.

Shoving it down our throats
Lauren Fix (heh) the automotive “expert” talking head in the video clip mentions at the 2:34 mark that “they would love to shove (E15) down our throats.”

Actually, E15 should go┬áin your vehicle’s fuel tank, not down your throat. But anyway….

Nobody is forcing fuel retailers to carry E15. It’s up to individual retailers if they want to carry it or not. Right now in Minnesota, seven stations offer E15. And these stations offer a variety of fuels, all of which are clearly labeled, giving drivers a legitimate choice at the pump beyond regular unleaded.

But nobody is forced to carry it, or put it in his or her vehicle. Actually, two U.S. senators are calling for an investigation of the Big Oil companies over tactics they use to block the availability of higher ethanol blends like E15.

Phase separation
Not long after Fix’s (heh) shoving-it-down-our-throats rant, she goes way off the rails by trying to talk about E15 and phase separation.

Ms. Fix is so far out in the woods with her phase separation rant, that it’s probably impossible to bring her back to reality. So, in order to not confuse you further, know this about E15, gasoline and phase separation:

Water is an issue with gasoline, whether you blend ethanol into that gasoline or not. Ethanol actually helps water and gasoline to mix, which is why you don’t need to worry about your fuel line freezing in the winter if you use a high ethanol blend.

Past a certain point, water will separate from gasoline, but it would have with or without ethanol. Basically, whatever Fix (heh) said in her meltdown, the exact opposite is true.

Unfortunately, Fix (heh) isn’t done talking and being wrong. Check back on Wednesday as we continue fixing what Fix said (and yes, we’re going to be using that joke all week. Sorry.)

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