Debunking myths and misinformation in an old anti-E15 video from FOX News (part 3)

Don’t let misinformation scare you away from using E15.

There’s a video floating around the web from FOX News that trashes E15 — a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline.

Here at, we’re used to seeing mainstream media outlets parrot Big Oil talking points and get the facts wrong about E15 and ethanol, but this particular video is so bad (it’s actually unintentionally funny), it merits its own multi-part response.

Today’s post is part 3 and the last of our multi-part response.Click here to read part 1. Here is part 2.

Even though the video is a couple years old, it seems to just now be picking up steam and getting widely circulated, ending up in people’s email inboxes kind of like those emails from Saudi princes who want to share their multi-million dollar fortune with you — all they need is your bank account number.

Before an overzealous anti-ethanol friend or family member sends you the video, you can check it out below.

And if you want to bring that overzealous anti-ethanol friend or family member up to speed on the facts about ethanol and E15, direct them to our point-by-point response here at for the real facts.

Blaming ethanol for high food costs
Lauren Fix (heh), the anti-E15 talking head featured in this video clip, parrots a classic Big Oil talking point at about the 1:55 point of the video when she blames corn being used for ethanol as the cause of higher grocery bills for consumers.

Whenever someone regurgitates this cliched and tired talker, you know they’re completely wrong about the entire issue.

One 56-pound bushel of corn produces 2.8 gallons of ethanol and 18 pounds of high-protein livestock feed. Farmers grow enough corn to feed the world and fuel our vehicles, with plenty left over to go into thousands of other consumers products like makeup, crayons and sweeteners.

When the price of corn was around $8 per bushel, the anti-ethanol zealots like Ms. Fix (heh) were out in full force blaming the cleaner-burning fuel for higher food costs. Now that corn is well under $4 per bushel, and food costs continue rising, these same zealots are mysteriously quiet.

It’s not ethanol that leads to higher food costs, it’s high oil prices, packaging and transportation costs.

So, what did we learn after watching and dissecting this video over the last couple of days?

1. It might set a record for the most factually incorrect statements about ethanol and E15.
2. E15 is the most tested fuel in the history of fuels, with more than 6 million miles worth of tests done on 80 vehicles.
3. Consumers have logged over 100 million miles on E15 without a single incident. The fuel is also used in NASCAR.
4. It is up to individual retailers if they want to sell E15 and E15 pumps are clearly labeled for use in vehicles model year 2001 or newer.
5. E15 does not cause phase separation. Actually, higher ethanol content can help bring water and gas together.

If this video clip does appear in your email inbox, you’re now prepared to respond with the facts about E15.

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