New campaign and website bring a FlexFuel message to Twin Cities

Flex Fuel

Putting positive flex fuel messages on Metro Transit buses is on aspect of a new FlexFuel and ethanol campaign in the Twin Cities.

If you listen to Twin Cities radio, see Metro Transit buses on the road or peek at digital billboards in the metro area, you’ve probably noticed some brand new FlexFuel and E15 advertising.

Coming off a summer where sales of higher ethanol blends like E85 and E15 spiked, now is the perfect time to showcase the environmental and economic benefits of ethanol to as many potential new users as possible.

The campaign includes radio spots and contests on Cities97 and Buzn 102.9. There’s also, a practical and easy-to-use new website where people can go to find out if they own a flex fuel vehicle and where to fill up with higher ethanol blends like E15, E30 or E85.

Most flex fuel vehicles have a label similar to this one near the trunk or back cab. The gas cap also should indicate whether your vehicle can take higher ethanol blends.

“People want to know if their vehicle is flex fuel and where they can buy higher ethanol blends,” said Kelly Marczak of the American Lung Association of Minnesota Clean Air Choice Team, the organization coordinating the campaign. “This campaign helps answer those questions. It also shows people that ethanol, is clean, renewable and homegrown.

The campaign also coincides with two other positive pieces of ethanol news:

  • Minnoco will be opening 18 new fuel stations in the Twin Cities area that dispense E15 and other higher ethanol blends.
  • Sales of E85 increased 7.2 percent through the first seven months of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013. Sales of E15 and E30 were also up.

Be sure to direct friends or family members who have questions about ethanol to and tell them to keep an eye out for new FlexFuel messaging throughout the Twin Cities.

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