Once again, Obama Administration delays final RFS decision

EPA RFS Letters Minnesota

This stack of letters were all signed by Minnesota corn farmers and sent to EPA in support of the RFS.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice today announcing that it will not be finalizing 2014 volume standards under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) before the end of 2014.

Last November, EPA proposed slashing the RFS and cutting the amount of clean, renewable and homegrown ethanol blended in our fuel supply. Immediately after the proposal, Minnesota corn farmers took action.

More than 7,000 letters were sent to EPA by Minnesota corn farmers and biofuels supporters denouncing the proposed cuts. Criticism of the proposal from other states was also swift and loud.

Apparently, EPA and the Obama Administration heard the negative feedback and got the message. A final decision on this year’s ethanol blending targets has been delayed again…and again…and again. Finally, today, the Administration admitted it’s not going to announce this year’s targets before the year is over.

The grassroots action taken by Minnesota corn farmers and others definitely made an impact. This feedback has helped the Administration realize how flawed the proposed cuts were, and the questions it raised about our country’s commitment to homegrown biofuels.

However, further delays on this issue won’t make people less angry, only more confused and exasperated. U.S. corn farmers produced a record crop for the second time in as many years, despite the fact that prices have fallen below the cost of production in many parts of the country.

Now is not the time for additional uncertainty and indecisiveness on the RFS. Corn farmers need clarity, leadership and direction. Our country needs to re-establish its commitment to renewable fuels for the betterment of the environment and the economy, especially in rural areas.

Our grassroots action on this issue is not over. Corn farmers will continue making their voices heard and working with policymakers to ensure that the RFS is implemented as intended by Congress.

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