Tweets from #MNAgEXPO

Mn Ag EXPO 2015 is officially underway here in Mankato at the Verizon Wireless Center.

If you’re stuck reading about MN Ag EXPO on this blog instead of actually being there, here’s a sampling of everything that’s happened so far, as told through various tweets.


Newly elected Congressman Tom Emmer spoke to corn farmers over breakfast on Thursday morning.

Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) President Bruce Peterson was interviewed by KDHL’s Jerry Groskreutz on Wednesday afternoon.

MCGA kicked off MN Ag EXPO 2015 on Wednesday with their annual meeting, setting policy and priorities for the upcoming year. When you’re at the MCGA annual meeting, you get a real sense of how grassroots the organization truly is.

If you were at the MCGA PAC breakfast on Thursday morning, you’re now the proud owner of one of these super stylish corn neck ties.

We’re serving up free root beer, showing off our conservation story map and recruiting new members for the farm team at the MCGA MN Ag EXPO 2015 booth.

National Corn Growers Association CEO Chris Novack is at MN Ag EXPO 2015 and making the media rounds. In this photo from Thursday morning, Chris is on the left and interviewing on a program called “Between the Lines.”

FarmLinkUSA is one of over 100 vendors packing the MN Ag EXPO 2015 trade show floor.

The ag media is also out in full force at MN Ag EXPO 2015. We’re doing dozens of interviews covering all the important food, farming and renewable energy topics of the day.

MN Ag EXPO 2015 has a Western theme, as demonstrated in tweet from our partners at Minnesota Soybean.

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