Minnesota corn farmer stands up for ethanol at national RFS hearing

Jerry Demmer farms in Clarks Grove and is heading to Kansas City, Kan., for a public hearing on the RFS.

Jerry Demmer farms in Clarks Grove and is heading to Kansas City, Kan., for a public hearing on the RFS.

Jerry Demmer never misses an opportunity to stand up and speak out for clean, renewable and homegrown ethanol, even if he has to travel over 350 miles to do so.

Demmer, a corn farmer in Clarks Grove, is heading to Kansas City, Kan., on Thursday to represent Minnesota corn farmers at an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) public hearing on the agency’s proposal to slash the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and cut the amount of ethanol blended in our fuel supply below what Congress originally intended.

The RFS is legislation passed in 2005 and amended in 2007 that sets targets for the amount of biofuels like ethanol to be blended in America’s fuel supply. Currently, all regular unleaded gasoline sold in the United States contains 10 percent ethanol.

“The RFS is working for all Americans. Cutting it is a significant step backward for our energy policy,” Demmer said. “Consumers want cleaner-burning and homegrown choices at the pump. They also want more energy security and lower fuel prices. The RFS and ethanol provide that.”


EPA proposed a similar RFS cut over a year ago and Americans spoke out against it. Here in Minnesota, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) coordinated a campaign that sent 7,000 “Don’t mess with the RFS” letters to EPA.

MCGA is once again leading an effort in Minnesota to stand up for homegrown biofuels and protect the RFS. If you’d like to make your voice heard and and tell EPA to preserve the RFS, go to www.mncorn.org for details on how to submit comments online, or print and sign a letter template.

“If you care about clean air, choices at the pump and energy security, now is the time to speak out,” Demmer said. “I’m proud of the role Minnesota corn farmers have played in helping our state become a pioneer in using homegrown biofuels. It’s up to us to let EPA know that they’re making a mistake in rolling back the RFS.”

For more details on Thursday’s public hearing and the “Rally for Rural America,” click here.

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