Summarizing news coverage of Gov. Dayton's water summit

Anti-pipeline protesters interrupted Gov. Dayton’s opening remarks at last weekend’s water summit in St. Paul.

We’ll have several more posts throughout this week covering Gov. Dayton’s water summit, which took place on Saturday in St. Paul. For now, here’s a quick summary of the news coverage of the event.

  • Right off the bat, anti-pipeline protesters interrupted the governor’s opening remarks during the summit. The stunt ended up hijacking the headlines in many media accounts of the summit.
  • Once the protesters left the stage, Dayton and the summit’s 800 attendees began discussing solutions to Minnesota’s water quality issues. Dayton also said he was not singling out farmers for our state’s water quality, despite some of the rhetoric he used when passing buffer legislation last year.
  • No specific legislative initiatives were announced by Dayton at the summit. However, he did announce plans to hold a “Water Action Week” sometime in April. Details of the action week were no revealed. Dayton also said water issues will be discussed throughout the summer as he plans to visit all 87 Minnesota counties in 86 days.
  • This video report from WCCO includes an interview with a Minnesota farmer who attended the summit.

If you’re a farmer and could not attend the summit, you can still join the discussion and make your voice heard via this online forum.

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