MCGA to Gov. Dayton: Please sign the recently-passed tax bill into law

Noah Hultgren

MCGA Presidnet Noah Hultgren

A tax bill passed during the recently-concluded legislative session contains much-needed property tax relief for Minnesota farmers. Gov. Dayton has yet to sign the tax bill. Below is a letter sent to Gov. Dayton from Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) President Noah Hultgren. The letter was sent on behalf of MCGA’s 7,200 members.

Dear Governor Mark Dayton –

On behalf of Minnesota Corn’s over 7,200 members, we respectfully ask that you sign into law the omnibus tax bill passed at the end of session by the legislature. Contained in the tax bill is property tax relief that is desperately needed by Minnesota farmers.

Farmers are being asked to pay a disproportionate share of school bond levies for school buildings, due to their large amount of taxable farm land. Schools In our rural communities often struggle to pass referendums, because of the severe financial burden it places on farmers.

This bill represents thousands of dollars in tax relief for many farmers, and is crucial to their financial viability, particularly given current low commodity prices and a still struggling rural economy. For some of the rural school bond levies to have a chance at passing, this is absolutely essential. It also avoids shifting the tax burden on to our non-farming friends and neighbors.

We understand that signing the tax bill into law involves compromise. We urge you to sign the bill. We would be extremely grateful for the relief it would provide to us. We cannot wait for another year – another legislature – to address this crucial need. Farmers need to know relief is coming, and rural schools need to find ways to fund their building projects.

Thank you for your consideration.


Noah Hultgren
Minnesota Corn Growers Association

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