Cultivating an effective message

Nicole Krumrie

Nicole Krumrie

Written by Nicole Krumrie, MCGA intern

When we, agriculturalists, want to get our message out to the public, one of the first things we do is boot up our computer to our social media channels. After our fingers fly on the keyboard writing out the message we want to say, with the simple click of a button our message is on the World Wide Web.

Might as well hit the “Staples Button” because that was easy.  There are many times when being a farmer and advocating for what we are doing or know isn’t so easy.

At our last CommonGround meeting in late June, a room full of women in agriculture had the opportunity to hear from Tim McNiff. The former KARE 11 reporter now works for Media Minefield, a public relations firm out of Minnetonka.  He shared with us ways to take our farming message to the media.

“Your message is your mission”, Tim said. “If your message doesn’t make you care, then the person on the other end won’t.”

As farmers, our farming story must be our mission. There is a lot of misinformation about what we are doing and why we are doing it, which is why we need to speak up and share our stories.

Figuring out what we want to say to others is sometimes the difficult part of sharing our story. But the norm for us is what non-farmers may want to hear. There may be times when it feels like we are saying the same thing over and over, but persistence is key to make sure that our perspective is being delivered. Sharing our farming experience and knowledge with others will create a more positive and understanding relationship between the farming and non-farming audience.

Sharing our stories and perspectives can allow farmers to be the seeds of change to bring the positive aspects of farming to light in media. To do that, we must first cultivate an effective message to inspire knowledge growth in others.

“Everything you do is an opportunity, use that to your full potential,” Tim said.

If you would like to learn more about creating an effective message, you’re in luck because I wrote a blog post about that!

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