‘Pink Out’ raises funds for cancer relief organization, Hope Chest for Breast Cancer

written by Jonathan Eisenthal

Locally owned, independent Minnoco Fueling stations are promoting Unleaded Plus —  a blend of 15 percent ethanol also known as E15 — while raising funds for a local cancer relief organization. These independent business owners consider it a perfect fit because ethanol displaces cancer-causing components of gasoline like benzene.

“We’re local and Hope Chest is a local organization, so these funds from our ‘Pink Out’ promotion are helping our friends and neighbors,” said Lance Klatt, executive director of Minnoco and Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association. “Hope Chest helps people being treated for cancer and cancer survivors take care of bills and helps to make sure their needs are being met—it’s a great organization.”

All 22 Minnoco stations are participating in the ‘Pink Out’ campaign.  Twenty of the Minnoco fueling stations boast blender pumps and offer Unleaded Plus, the 15 percent ethanol blend. Minnoco dealers will contribute 2 cents per gallon from each gallon of Unleaded Plus/E15 sold to Hope Chest for Breast Cancer.

‘Pink Out’ starts Sept. 16 and runs through Oct. 31.

In part, the promotion is timed to celebrate the ability from mid-September through the end of May to offer Unleaeded Plus/ E15 to drivers of all vehicles manufactured in 2001 or later. The ethanol industry is lobbying for a rule change that will allow Unleaded Plus/ E15 sales to all vehicles year round. Gov. Mark Dayton  joined six other Midwestern governors earlier this week in urging EPA to eliminate regulatory hurdles for E15 and other mid-level ethanol blends.

But in the meantime, Minnoco and other retailers that sell Unleaded Plus/ E15 want as many drivers as possible to sample the newest choice at the fuel pump.

Minnoco markets E15 as Unleaded Plus, which constitutes as much as 60 percent of fuel sales volumes at these stations, reflecting great customer satisfaction with the product, according to Klatt.

“We think once they try it they’ll like it,” Klatt said. “We offer Unleaded Plus /E15 typically at a three to ten cent per gallon savings, compared to regular unleaded gasoline, which is 10 percent ethanol.  In addition to getting 5 percent more ethanol, with the improved clean air characteristics that provides, the driver also gets an octane boost from 87 up to 88 octane. Unleaded Plus/ E15 is a midgrade fuel, sold at a discount to regular gasoline. It’s a win-win.”

Minnoco is a brand that allows the independent station owner to offer the driving public all the fueling choices they want. Just as fueling at Minnoco supports the local economy, choosing ethanol, the ‘locally-grown’ fuel, supports Minnesota’s farm economy.

“We’re independent owners, we can do what we want, offer the ethanol blends the driver is asking for. It’s the local consumers who really benefit — our fuels just make more cents!” Klatt said.

Read more about E15 here.

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