American Lung Association MN continues to promote clean air benefits of ethanol

ALAMN Station Event

Written by Nicole Krumrie

Jon Hunter was recently named Director of Clean Air with the American Lung Association in Minnesota (ALAMN). But Hunter is no stranger to the ethanol or its clean air benefits; he’s has been working with ALA since 2010 on grant programs.

“I’m looking forward to seeing markets expand and how we can promote ethanol,” says Hunter. “It will be an interesting year to see how the markets and the ethanol world respond to change.”

This past year, ALAMN and the Minnesota Corn Growers Association have continued their collaborative efforts to promote a positive message about ethanol throughout Minnesota. Bus sides in the Twin Cities metro, radio promotions, daily weather reports and Pandora internet radio advertisements were just a few of the ways consumers learned about the homegrown fuel.

ALAMN staff members and Minnesota’s corn farmers also hosted fuel events at stations across the state, including at Coborn’s stores. The fuel events provided an opportunity for drivers to receive discounts on E85 and E15 fuels while learning about the benefits of ethanol for both the air and their wallet.

“These types of events are a great way to connect with drivers who might be new to ethanol blends,” says Hunter.

Many of the station event locations were among those who received BIP grant funding for infrastructure improvements and blender pump installations. According to Hunter, the Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership (BIP) program has been going strong.

Over 40 new stations have opened in the past year, selling E85 and most selling E15.  When a new station opens ALAMN works to connect with flex fuel drivers in a variety of ways,  including via postcards and social media, letting drivers know about the newest location where they can fill up.

“I’m looking forward to opportunities to expand, grow, and reach new audiences,” says Hunter. ““I think we have had a very successful relationship with Minnesota’s corn farmers and I’m excited to keep that moving forward.”

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