Farmers unite on Twitter to support NAFTA

Farmers nationwide united on Twitter yesterday to make their voices heard on the importance of NAFTA to agriculture. The grassroots advocacy campaign included farmers of all backgrounds, legislators and multiple ag and business organizations proclaiming the economic impact of the free-trade agreement using the #Farmers4NAFTA hashtag.

Farmers were encouraged to tweet positive messages about NAFTA and the benefits it has brought to American farms. Participants cited statistics that show the growth of exports to Canada and Mexico under NAFTA, which has been vital to the sustainability of farmers. Some tweets include:

#Farmers4NAFTA tweet

#Farmers4NAFTA tweet










Nearly 550 tweets were made using #Farmers4NAFTA, reaching more than 1 million Twitter users. As negotiations to rework NAFTA reach a sixth round, farmers hope the united effort made the importance of upholding the agreement clear. Some tweets also reached out to President Donald Trump’s Twitter account directly to share information on NAFTA’s benefit to ag.

Since the implementation of NAFTA in 1998, the United States has realized a six-fold increase in corn exports and nearly 12-fold increase in DDGS. Mexico is the largest buyer of U.S. corn, while Canada consistently ranks as the top buyer of American ethanol.

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