Corn farmers’ stories reach millions on National Geographic

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) partnered with National Geographic in the fall to share the stories of America’s corn farmers with a robust national audience. Four farmers, including Minnesota Corn Growers Association board member Bryan Biegler, were featured on and its social channels through November.

Each farmer was provided a large platform to share how innovation and technology has allowed them to become more productive and environmentally responsible. Biegler, for example, focused on his use of cover crops and strip-tilling to improve soil health and reduce fertilizer use.

In the end, the campaign was a great success in both its reach and the audience’s reception to each story.

The four articles were seen nearly 4.8 million times on National Geographic channels, and were clicked on to be read more than 63,000 times. The top-performing article featured Biegler and was viewed more than 35,000 times since it was published in August.

The National Geographic partnership was part of a larger effort by NCGA to increase the favorability of corn farming and confidence in the nation’s corn growers.

NCGA also ran a Facebook campaign that shared news stories featuring corn growers and innovation in the corn sector with a non-farming audience. The 42 Facebook posts were promoted nationwide, reaching more than 3 million people. Of the 91,000 times people engaged with a post by reacting to it or commenting, nearly 98 percent were positive.

You can read each National Geographic story below:

Today’s Technology Grows a Better Future for Farm Families, featuring Bryan Biegler, Lake Wilson, Minn.

Conservation for the Future of the Family Farm, featuring Kevin Ross, Minden, Iowa

Earmarked for Cars and Cups, featuring Paul Taylor, Esmond, Ill.

Growing Better: Raising Corn in the 21st Century, featuring Patty Mann, Jackson Center, Ohio


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