MCGA to show how “MN Corn Grows MN” at Ag EXPO

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) will yet again have a large presence at MN Ag EXPO 2018, held in Mankato Jan. 24-25 at the Verizon Wireless Center. Located in booth 47, MCGA will be telling the many stories of how “MN Corn Grows MN.”

Introduced at Farmfest in August, the “MN Corn Grows MN” campaign was launched to build awareness around the many ways the state’s corn sector benefits all Minnesotans. With a focus on protecting our state’s natural resources while contributing to rural and metro economies, our 24,000-plus corn farmers are an integral contributor to Minnesota’s present and future success.

Visitors to the booth will learn more about how the state’s corn growers are championing sustainable farm practices, spurring economic development, supporting rural communities, reinforcing the urban job market and strengthening Minnesota agriculture.

Furthermore, MCGA is spearheading nationwide efforts to produce cleaner fuels through research advancing ethanol-blended fuels. To illustrate these efforts, attendees will see the future of biofuels firsthand in a 2018 Mini Cooper Clubman S on display in the booth.

The Mini Cooper is optimized to run on E25. Its engine was designed to have improved acceleration and fuel economy using E25 when compared to its performance using conventional E10 fuel. One of the only vehicles optimized for E25 on the road today, the Mini Cooper is a sign of developments to come. MCGA is currently working with automakers and third-party research institutions to produce vehicles optimized for 25-percent ethanol blends on a larger scale.

Corn farmers visiting the booth will also be encouraged to share how they are helping Minnesota grow on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag “#MNCornGrowsMN.” Attendees participating will receive a 1-gigabyte “MN Corn Grows MN”-branded flash drive for helping spread the word.

For the full schedule of speakers and additional information on exhibitors, visit MN Ag EXPO is free to attend for all Minnesota corn and soybean farmers.

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