Setting the stage for profitability: International markets

By investing in the Minnesota corn check-off, our state’s corn farmers are setting the stage for profitability. While low commodity prices are a point of stress, allocating resources to improving the areas we can control is more important than ever. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting how your investment is doing just that.

More than one-third of Minnesota agricultural sales are exported out of the country, ranking fourth nationally in how much of our products go abroad. And from 2000-2014, agricultural exports from Minnesota grew by 236 percent, far outpacing the national average.

Investments by Minnesota’s corn farmers ensure we are taking the best approach to increasing this international demand even more.

In 2017 alone, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) hosted government officials from China, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Kazakhstan; and industry visits from Japan, Mexico, India, South Korea, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Ecuador.

Each group visited corn farms, co-ops, ethanol plants, the University of Minnesota and more—all with the goal of promoting Minnesota corn and paving roads to new market partners.

And in return, MCGA grower leaders are going abroad to countries like Taiwan, Morocco, Japan and Cuba to promote high-quality Minnesota corn and, often more importantly, shake hands and build long-lasting relationships with new partners.

Corn farmers’ check-off investment has also helped us work alongside the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) to develop markets for U.S. corn. Through that work, MCGA grower leader Chad Willis was named to the USGC board of directors, ensuring Minnesota’s interests are represented in future USGC strategy.

With 20 ethanol plants located in the state, one of those interests is the expansion of markets for ethanol. Your investment in the corn check-off is helping bring representatives from foreign countries to Greater Minnesota to see our high-quality operations up close. And as ethanol-blended fuels are widely adopted in other countries in an effort to protect air quality, building these relationships is more important than ever.

Minnesota’s corn farmers have an excellent product that has worldwide demand. Your investment in the corn check-off is paving roads to new international partnerships and strengthening relationships with existing ones.

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