Setting the stage for profitability: Political engagement

By investing in the Minnesota corn check-off, our state’s corn farmers are setting the stage for profitability. While low commodity prices are a point of stress, allocating resources to improving the areas we can control is more important than ever. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting how your investment is doing just that.

The legislative session is underway, as policy makers convene in St. Paul to make decisions that will impact agriculture and greater Minnesota. Resulting policy from the 2018 session is the culmination of year-round efforts by the state’s growers to build connections with legislators, raising awareness of issues most important to Minnesota’s farmers.

Minnesota’s corn check-off is elevating the interests of the state’s 24,000 corn farmers by fueling outreach that underscores the importance of the corn sector to Minnesota’s economy. This investment ensures growers’ interests are represented at the Capitol.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association’s (MCGA) “MN Corn Grows MN” campaign is one example of these efforts.

MN Corn Grows MN was launched at Farmfest last August with a formal invitation to 2018 gubernatorial candidates to visit a family corn farm for a one-on-one experience. In all, eight candidates made the trip to corn farms throughout Minnesota to learn more about modern farming and discuss the issues important to corn growers.

The non-partisan invite introduced each gubernatorial candidate to the technology used on today’s farms and the conservation practices employed by growers to protect the state’s resources. Most importantly, it was an opportunity for conversation with candidates about front-of-mind topics for farmers like property taxes, regulation, health care access, transportation infrastructure and more.

MN Corn Grows MN is building connections with the next governor of Minnesota by raising awareness of the many ways corn farming and agriculture supports the state’s growth. By sharing information about one of the state’s most important economic drivers, corn growers are helping ensure they are represented in future policy.

Moving forward, MN Corn Grows MN is expanding its reach. Your investment in the corn check-off has enabled outreach to candidates for elected office on both the state and federal level. For example, MCGA will be organizing family corn farm visits this spring with candidates in the first congressional district in Minnesota to discuss federal issues like the 2018 Farm Bill and maintaining a strong Renewable Fuel Standard.

Through outreach efforts like MN Corn Grows MN, your investment in the corn check-off is ensuring the issues most important to the state’s growers are heard.


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