Take action now: Help protect the RFS

President Trump vowed to protect hard-working farmers and homegrown fuels like ethanol. But Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his home-state oil refiners want President Trump to betray that promise, just to boost surging profits for a few oil refiners.

After yesterday’s meeting at the White House, Cruz claims the administration is now “close” to accepting oil-backed changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs); changes that would significantly threaten corn farmers in Minnesota and across the country.

RINs serve as the backbone of the RFS by providing an incentive to refineries and gas retailers to blend ethanol into the nation’s fuel supply. By capping the value of RINs and the incentive to retailers and refineries, the volume of ethanol blended into our fuel supply would be drastically reduced, eliminating a crucial market for Minnesota’s corn farmers.

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue is supposed to be the voice for American farmers like you. Just this morning the Secretary addressed Commodity Classic and made a promise to protect our renewable fuels industry. Don’t let him forget about his promise to protect ethanol, and the important role RINs play for biofuel producers, refiners and ultimately us as farmers!

  • Call USDA at (202) 720-2791 (Press 2 to speak to an information specialist, and ask to leave a message for Secretary Perdue)
  • Tweet him at @SecretarySonny & @USDA

This is the biggest threat to the RFS since it was passed back in 2007. With farm incomes at a 12-year low, now is not the time to back away from critical value-added markets. The voices of farmers and rural Minnesotans’ make a difference! ACT NOW.

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