Groundwater Protection Rule: Your input is needed

The formal rulemaking process for the Groundwater Protection Rule continues to move forward. Five public Administrative Law Judge hearings will be held around the state starting next week and written comments on the proposed  rule may be submitted through August 2. It is vital all corn farmers engage in this process and provide comment to ensure the rule accomplishes its goal of protecting the state’s groundwater while making sense in implementation.

To help growers stay up to date on the rule and better understand the formal rulemaking process, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) strongly encourages farmers to visit There, farmers can learn the following:

  • FAQs
  • How to engage
  • Making Your Voice Heard
  • Historical timeline of the rule
  • Draft Vulnerable Groundwater Area Maps

MCGA sent a postcard to Minnesota’s 24,000-plus corn farmers to provide instructions on how to engage in the rulemaking process, as well encourage comments or testimony on the following:

  • Steps already taken by Minnesota farmers to continually improve nitrogen use efficiency
  • The importance of maintaining local control to ensure potential nitrogen fertilizer practice requirements are appropriate for the area

To date, MCGA has submitted five letters of comment on previous versions of the Groundwater Protection Rule. MCGA grower leaders have also worked closely with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to further communicate why certain changes to the rule are necessary.

Currently, MCGA and its grower leaders are formulating detailed written comments and preparing testimony for the Administrative Law Judge hearings. MCGA comments on the rule will be available at

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