Minnesota Corn Growers Association requests candidate support for Buffer Property Tax Credit

MN Capitol

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association sent a letter to candidates for Governor and the Minnesota House of Representatives requesting their support for the Buffer Property Tax Credit to address the unfairness of continuing to tax farmland converted to buffers at a tax level that assumes those acres are still producing crops and revenue.

In an effort led by MCGA, the Buffer Property Tax Credit was introduced during the 2018 legislative session not to challenge the Minnesota Buffer Law, but rather address the unfair tax burden on Minnesota farmers. While first gaining widespread support at the Minnesota Legislature, as well as by Gov. Mark Dayton, the proposal eventually failed due to a disagreement on the funding source.

Today’s letter to candidates again stresses the importance of correcting this tax burden for farmers. The responsible proposal advanced by MCGA provides a $50/acre property tax credit to farmers for their acres that are in compliance with the buffer law.

“As Minnesota farmers suffer through their fifth consecutive year of depressed prices, it is vital this unfair tax burden is addressed by elected officials in 2019,” MCGA President Brian Thalmann said. “Today’s letter to candidates stresses the need for advocates who will work to pass this much-needed tax credit during a time when farmers are experiencing a number of economic headwinds.”

In a joint letter delivered to Gov. Dayton and legislative leaders last May, MCGA and 14 other agricultural organizations promised the Buffer Tax Credit would be an election issue if it was not passed during the 2017-2018 Legislative session. Prior to the Nov. 6 midterm elections, MCGA is now bringing this issue to the forefront again to gain candidate support.

MCGA and its grower leaders look forward to productive conversation with candidates in the coming weeks to discuss the importance of the Buffer Property Tax Credit. It is vital this legislation is passed during the 2019 legislative session, and MCGA will work tirelessly to bring this relief to Minnesota farmers.

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