40 Square expands health insurance options for farmers, agribusinesses

Minnesota farmers and agribusinesses will again have the option to enroll in health plans offered through 40 Square Cooperative Solutions, an agricultural health plan co-op providing access to self-funded health insurance. After more than 1,000 individuals enrolled in the program last year, 40 Square will be expanding its health plans in 2019.

40 Square now offers seven health plans, including Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible plans and a new high deductible plan featuring low monthly premiums. Other plans include individual and family out-of-pocket limits reduced for 2019.

40 Square was formed following the 2017 Minnesota legislative session after a law was passed that enabled farmers to form health care cooperatives to provide another option for farmers to help address rising health insurance premiums.

To become a member of 40 Square, farm families and agribusinesses must actively work in production agriculture, in addition to a few other criteria. If you are interested in learning more, including if you qualify, visit www.40square.coop. Open enrollment is open now through Dec. 18, 2018.

40 Square will be holding informational meetings across the state. Find one in your area here.

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