MN Capitol

Buffer property tax relief included in Governor’s two-year budget proposal

Governor Tim Walz announced his $49.5 billion budget
proposal today. In the two-year spending plan, Walz included $15 million to
address property tax relief for land in compliance with Minnesota’s buffer law.

Review proposed tax
aids, credits and refunds here
and refer to page 23 for specifics on “buffer credit for agricultural land.”

Today’s budget will be revised after an economic forecast in
late February/early March, as well as negotiated throughout the current legislative

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Choosing the right corn herbicide

The following is from Minnesota Corn Growers Association Allied Partner, Syngenta.

As an Allied Partner, Syngenta supports the work being done to
identify and promote opportunities for corn farmers while improving quality of
life. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association thanks Syngenta for its support.

We’ve all been there – texting with friends or significant
others about where to eat – and then received the dreaded “I don’t know,

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Nitrogen fertilizer application

Minnesota farmers are up to the nitrogen challenge

Written by Jonathan

Western Minnesota farmers who apply urea after harvest are
becoming increasingly disappointed with the yield returns from their

Research by University of Minnesota Professor Fabian
Fernandez over the past three years shows that fall urea placement in
southwest, west central and northwest Minnesota has become less effective, and
farmers should shift to anhydrous ammonia or spring placement of urea in order
to get better results.

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Gov. Walz named chair of Governors’ Biofuels Coalition

Announced last week, Governor Tim Walz was named 2019 chair of the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition. In the role, Walz will work with governors from 22 states on advocacy efforts supporting regional and national biofuel policy development.

A longtime supporter of ethanol-blended fuels, Walz will serve as chair during what will be a crucial year for the future of ethanol. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will soon begin rulemaking for year-round sales of E15,

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Legislative Update: MCGA testifies in front of Ag Committee, tax-related bills take shape

Corn Growers Association (MCGA) President Brian Thalmann had the opportunity to
testify in front of the Minnesota Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, Rural Development,
and Housing Policy Tuesday to discuss agricultural innovation.

The goal
of the testimony was to encourage funding for the Agriculture Research,
Education, Extension and Technology Transfer (AGREET) Program, and an increase
in the use of Clean Water Funds for on-the-ground implementation practices.

underline the importance of both priorities,

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