4-H bringing sustainable science to young ages

Starting this year, the 4-H Polymers program will be available to K-2 classrooms nationwide, introducing science in a way that piques curiosity for kids of all ages. This initiative is the result of combining the educational outreach of  4-H with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Sustainable Polymers (CSP), which conducts research to create plastics derived from renewable resources.

The curriculum, titled “Be a 4-H Scientist!  Materials in a Green, Clean World,” focuses on concepts like materials,

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Live video trends create unique ag opportunity

Written by Mariah Larson

Tuesday morning the women of CommonGround Minnesota hosted their annual workshop, and one guest speaker included Erica Hanna, Owner of Puke Rainbows Creative, an Emmy-winning creator of strategic content. She spent time sharing her insight and advice regarding do’s and don’ts for the attention-catching trend of live video streaming.

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. As a result, between news outlets, sharing and social media,

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CommonGround ‘Field To Fork’ farm dinner continues the food conversation

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

Foodies and farmers got together Tuesday night at a dairy farm in Dundas and found out they have a lot in common—starting with a passion for food.

Organized by CommonGround Minnesota, Field-To-Fork events like this bring together farmers and foodies for a tour of a farm and a sit-down dinner in a unique and relaxed setting. Throughout the evening, guests were joined by a dozen farm women who have taken their passion for farming one step further by volunteering with CommonGround.

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Farming and ag stand out in international report on consumer trust

An international report by public relations firm Edelman recently unveiled the high level of consumer trust for the food and beverage industry and the ag sector specifically, while also raising concerns about the widening trust gap between those considered informed and the mass population.

First, the business subsector of food and beverage is trusted by 66 percent of people, compared to only 52 percent trusting business as a whole. In each of the 28 countries surveyed,

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4-H Science of Ag Challenge continues to evolve

The 3rd Annual 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge kicked off earlier this week as teams from eight counties came together at the University of Minnesota to present their solution to an agriculture-related issue. This year’s group tackled topics ranging from efficient fencing to optimal turkey bedding in a competition that instilled confidence in future generations of leaders in agriculture.

After the semifinals on day one, four teams representing Le Seur, Douglas,

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