MCGA Radio: Tom Sell talks farm bill implementation

On this week’s Minnesota Corn Growers Association radio, Tom Sell from Combest, Sell & Associates covers what corn farmers should know about implementation of the 2014 farm bill.

The sign-up period for the farm bill’s crop insurance programs is expected to begin late fall and could carry into early spring.

“One of the real hallmarks of this farm bill is that there are a lot of choices,” Sell said.

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Don't play political games with crucial farm policy

Congress has started debating a fiscal year 2015 agriculture appropriations bill, which funds important food safety, farm services, animal health and nutrition programs. Unfortunately, some lawmakers are already trying to undo important parts of the farm bill, a piece of legislation that took four years to pass and hasn’t even been fully implemented yet.

Farmers’ crops are in the ground, and planting decisions were based on what they understood to be the rules of a the new five-year farm bill.

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Will there be another propane shortage this winter?

The weather is (finally) warm, but it wasn’t long ago that Minnesota farmers, homeowners and businesses were dealing with a propane shortage during harvest season made worse by a long, frigid winter.

Staff from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association have been meeting with industry representatives and government officials who are working to develop strategies to prevent another shortage this winter.

Here is a Q&A to summarize of what MCGA has learned so far:

What’s the issue?

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Ethanol-themed "Tasseldega Nights" packs 'em in at Elko Speedway

To accommodate the rush of people streaming into Elko Speedway on Saturday night for the first-ever “Tasseldega Nights,” an overflow parking lot had to be opened.

Then another overflow lot was opened.

And finally a third overflow lot became necessary.

In all, between 7,000 and 8,000 people attended “Tasseldega Nights” and received free admission to the races courtesy of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA).

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The many uses for corn on a family cattle and dairy farm

By Andrea Tomschin, MCGA Agvocate

My family and I have about 25 beef cows and grow 120 acres of corn and soybeans on our farm near Alden, Minnesota.

Growing up I have always had a passion for raising and showing beef cattle, and although we both raise cattle and crop farm, I have always thought that our cattle was what made our farm successful each year. After talking with my parents,

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