How center pivot irrigation helps my family’s farm

Central pivot irrigationBy Nick Peterson

As I have made my way around the state of Minnesota the past number of years through work, school, and recreational trips, I’ve realized my idea of Minnesota is quite a bit different than I grew up thinking. Growing up on a crop and livestock farm in Sherburne County, it is apparent that our way of farming is more in the minority than it is the majority.

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5 reasons to repeal new taxes on farm machinery repair and warehouse storage

The 2014 Minnesota legislative session opened today and both republicans and democrats are saying all the right things when it comes to providing Minnesotans with tax relief.

For farmers, tax relief needs to include repealing provisions passed last session that imposed new taxes on farm machinery repairs and equipment, as well new taxes on warehouse storage for agriculture inputs like fertilizer. The machinery tax has already been implemented. The warehouse storage tax goes into effect on April 1.

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Bad burritos, corporate marketing schemes and American farmers

A couple of years ago I had a free consultation with a nutritionist as part of my membership at an area health club. Normally, I would have blown off the consultation. I knew my eating habits needed improvement. Why would I waste an hour having some stranger tell me the obvious?

But for some reason, I set an appointment with the nutritionist. She told me to keep a diary of everything I ate that week and bring it to our session.

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How being a farmer is like being a parent

By Kristie Swenson

As a mom and as a farmer, I can draw many similarities between parenting and farming.

As a parent, you are no longer responsible for “just” yourself. You are responsible for another life (or multiple lives, when you have multiple kids). You’re not only responsible for feeding, bathing, and clothing your child; you are also responsible for teaching, explaining, demonstrating, and learning, among other responsibilities.

It’s similar with being a farmer.

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Grain marketing slows down due to prices, weather

By Jonathan Eisenthal

Observers have tracked a slow down below the typically slow movement of grain in January and February this year.

“There’s no doubt that’s going on,” said Ed Usset about a recent trend of farmers holding onto more of their grain than usual after the 2013 harvest. Usset is a professor at the University of Minnesota and an expert in grain marketing.

“There’s some denial going on.

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