#Plant14 update: Minnesota corn farmers made progress last week

Minnesota corn farmers took advantage of the sunny and dry weather over the weekend to plant more than 22 percent of the state’s corn crop according to the latest USDA crop progress report.

Currently, 53 percent of Minnesota’s corn crop is in the ground. That’s 28 percent behind the 5-year average and 10 percent behind last year’s pace.

Best of luck to all the corn farmers out there battling Mother Nature and trying to get this year’s crop planted.

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Video: A day at the Supermileage Challenge

The 26th Supermileage Challenge at Brainerd International Raceway came to an end on Wednesday. It was another successful with over 60 schools bringing more than 120 cars to the competition.

The objective of Supermileage is to design a car that gets the most miles per gallon on one gallon of fuel. The competition is sponsored in part by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and includes an E85 division as well as stock,

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MCGA Public Policy Director to participate in MARL Class VIII

Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) Public Policy Director Anna Boroff has been selected to participate in the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program (MARL). Boroff will join 29 others in the dynamic two-year leadership development experience designed to enhance the skills of Minnesota’s agricultural and rural leaders.

Boroff joined MCGA in July of 2012 after working for 10 years at the Minnesota Legislature. In her role at MCGA, Anna assists farmer-leaders in developing federal and state organizational policy positions and improving government relations strategies.

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26th Supermileage Challenge kicks off at Brainerd International Raceway

Even though cold temperatures and brisk winds forced people to dress like they were ice fishing, it didn’t stop over 60 schools with more than 120 cars from participating in the first day of the Supermileage Challenge on Tuesday.

For 26 years, teams of high school and middle school students have come together at Brainerd International Raceway to see how far they can go on one gallon of fuel in custom-built cars that sort of look like souped-up go-karts.

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Farmers: Don't let Netflix or activist groups tell your story

If you spend any time browsing the documentary section on Netflix, it looks like “Food Inc.” and “King Corn” got married and had hundreds of anti-farming documentary offspring.

Films like “Food Fight,” “Farmageddon,” “Forks over Knives” and “Food Matters” fill up screen after screen of Netflix’s “Watch now” section. Millions of Netflix subscribers have instant access to these films.

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