Dietitian responds to anti-GMO story in Rochester Post Bulletin

The Rochester Post Bulletin had a story in its March 3 edition that contained several nuggets of misinformation about biotechnology and genetically modified foods (GMOs) from the story’s subject, Jeff Litterell. A few examples:

  • According to Littrell, those genetic changes in foods make them less nutritious and can lead to illnesses in people who consume them.
  • There are no studies over 90 days that show the safety of GMOs.

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Corn farmers talk taxes, biofuels and stewardship at state capitol

Repealing the farm machinery repair tax, including farmers on discussions about environmental regulations, and supporting ethanol and biodiesel were just a few of the topics Minnesota corn farmers covered while meeting with more than 50 legislators at the state capitol on Thursday.

“Before we head out into the fields for spring planting, we went to St. Paul to make sure the voices of corn farmers are heard,” said John Mages, a farmer in Belgrade and chair of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association’s (MCGA) government relations committee.

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Invest an Acre program asks farmers to help fight local hunger

If you’re a Minnesota farmer and you want to play an even bigger role in fighting hunger in your own community, check out the “Invest an Acre” program.

Six food banks serving Minnesota are asking farmers to participate in Feeding America’s “Invest an Acre” program by pledging revenue from their 2014 crop, with the goal of having 1,000 acres pledged in Minnesota this year.

How does “Invest an Acre”

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Corn helps keep rural Minnesota roads clear in the winter

Corn is both consumed by livestock and converted into homegrown ethanol for our car’s fuel tank. Minnesota corn also helps keeps rural highways clear of snow in the winter.

Wait, what?

Yes, strategically placed standing corn rows that remain up in the winter break the wind’s force and cause snow to collect around the corn rows instead of on the highway. The result is safer roads and fewer road closures in Greater Minnesota,

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Oil prices, not ethanol, to blame for recent spike in gas prices

Well, that didn’t take long. Gas prices have increased in recent weeks and the usual crowd isn’t wasting any time pointing the finger at ethanol.

Trilby Lundberg conducts the Lundberg survey of about 2,500 gas stations every couple of weeks. She says an increase in the price of ethanol (which is blended with gasoline) due to what’s happening in Ukraine has caused gas prices to go up.

Trilby Lundberg,

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