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Fuels expert conducts Ethanol 101 seminar for automotive classes

One way to increase awareness and knowledge of ethanol is to connect with the next generation of mechanics, the men and women who will be working on our cars and answering our fuel and engine questions for the next 40 years or more.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) is doing just that. With support from Minnesota’s corn farmers, Hoon Ge of MEG Corp, a leading fuel consulting company, travels throughout the state and conducts fuels seminars for automotive classes at many of Minnesota’s technical colleges.

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A farm kid's guide to finding your dream internship

Written by Maria Wingert

As a college student, I know how stressful the job hunt can be. Whether it’s an internship or a full-time position, finding a place where you can happily spend 80 percent of your summer (or your life) can be an intense pursuit.

Resumes and the dreaded cover letter aside, sometimes finding the actual position you want to apply for can be the most difficult part.

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New publication highlights research funded by Minnesota corn farmers

Minnesota’s corn farmers are always working to improve the way they grow food, feed, fiber and fuel for an increasing world population while protecting water quality and soil fertility. They also strive to find new uses for corn and expand the use of homegrown and renewable ethanol fuels.

That’s why Minnesota’s corn farmers are committed to supporting science-based research projects and initiatives. A new publication from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) and Minnesota Corn Research &

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Unstuck: How I found my niche working in Agriculture

By Maria Wingert, MCGA Agvocate

After growing up on a family farm and being active in 4-H and the National FFA Organization, there was no doubt in my 18-year-old mind that I would pursue a degree, and someday, a career in agriculture.

However, while I loved showing cattle and doing chores, production agriculture just wasn’t for me.

After coming to the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities in the fall of 2012,

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Greek Life and Agriculture go together at U of M

written by Jonathan Eisenthal

Scores of students in five fraternities and sororities create a vibrant connection between agriculture and the learning community at the University of Minnesota.

Curious onlookers were drawn recently to the spectacle of the ‘Alpha Gamma Rho-deo’ — AGR fraternity members held a mechanical bull riding contest in front of their house at the corner of Cleveland and Carter avenues. Riding the bull was the culmination of three days of charitable events.

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Improvements will help Oliver Kelley farm tell the story of farming

written by Jonathan Eisenthal 

With a $10.5 million appropriation from the 2014 bonding bill, the 1870 Oliver H. Kelley farm can afford its first major expansion in 30 years.

The expansion will include a new visitor’s center, farm buildings, two updated classrooms, a community room, a kitchen classroom and and an all-season picnic shelter. The improvements, scheduled to be finished in May 2016, are aimed at better serving the huge volume of visitors to Minnesota’s unique farm historic site.

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An update from MCGA student Agvocate Kendra Davis

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Kendra Davis and I am one of the Minnesota Corn Growers 2014-15 student Agvocates. My parents are Lance and Sharon Davis, and I have one sister named Randene.

I am currently a sophomore at South Dakota State University where I am majoring in Animal Science and hope to someday work in cattle nutrition. Farming has always been something I have been very passionate about as I have grown up surrounded by it.

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Total tillage solutions field day draws big crowd

written by Jonathan Eisenthal

About 250 farmers gathered at a farm field seven miles south of Appleton in Lac qui Parle County to see demonstrations and hear information covering the entire spectrum of tillage, from ‘biological tillage’ (letting earthworms and tillage radishes do the heavy lifting) to moldboard plowing — the most invasive technique, but still a useful tool to be applied sparingly, according to the experts.

Farmer Jeff Olson generously offered his field for the demonstrations.

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Anoka County 4-H working to bring a positive message about farming to area youth

There were 615 farms spanning almost 100,000 acres in Anoka County in 1969. Today, there are 396 farms covering fewer than 45,000 acres.

Urban sprawl has turned a lot of that Anoka County farmland into prime residential and business developments. Homes, schools, shopping centers and restaurants now occupy land that used to be cornfields, barns and pastures.

Even though there are fewer farms in Anoka County today than 45 years ago (as is the case in counties throughout the United States),

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Speak for Yourself program helps farmers tell their own story

Today’s consumers are more curious than ever before about modern agriculture and where their food comes from. That creates new challenges for farmers — the people tasked with growing food for the entire world.

But it also creates opportunity.

That’s why the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and Minnesota Farm Bureau have partnered to support the “Speak for Yourself” program (SFY). The SFY program helps farmers tell their own story,

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