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Addressing the false statements around ethanol-blended fuels

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it finalized a rule that finally removes the outdated barrier to summertime E15 sales. As the news made headlines, detractors of the homegrown fuel also made their voice heard, voicing the same old myths and misconceptions that have unfortunately been around for years.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association would like to address the falsehoods surrounding E15 and other ethanol-blended fuels. Here’s just a few of comments made on social media over the past few days:

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Year-round E15 sales is a major win for farmers and consumers

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association is pleased to see the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a rule that will finally allow for year-round sales of E15. Announced today, the rule removes an outdated barrier that prevented retailers from selling E15 to non-Flex Fuel Vehicles during the summer months.

Today’s announcement follows a promise from the Trump Administration last October that consumers would soon have access to year-round E15. MCGA commends President Trump for making this rule a reality for corn farmers and drivers who now have another option at the pump.

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Station events to offer discounts and raise awareness of ethanol-blended fuels

Drivers in Twin Cities suburbs and Greater Minnesota will have the opportunity to enjoy discounts on E85 and E15 while learning about ethanol-blended fuels at fuel promotion events this spring and summer.

Building on successful events that reached hundreds of Twin Cities residents last fall, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association will again partner with the American Lung Association and Twin Cities Road Crew to raise awareness of ethanol-blended fuels with Minnesota drivers.

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MCGA, corn farmers submit comments calling for year-round E15 sales

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule allowing year-round sales of E15. The rule would finally remove an outdated barrier requiring retailers to stop selling E15 during the summer months.

MCGA comments stressed the importance of treating E15 the same as standard 10-percent ethanol blends by no longer interrupting sales between June and September. The rule would finally give consumers access to another option at the pump during the busy summer travel season,

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MCGA advocates for year-round E15 sales in EPA hearing

Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) President Brian Thalmann provided testimony last week at a hearing for a proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allowing year-round sales of E15. On behalf of MCGA, Thalmann advocated for removing the outdated barrier to E15 by June 1 while avoiding additional reforms that could weigh down E15 sales.

A corn and soybean farmer from Plato, Thalmann shared in his testimony the success of E15 in Minnesota,

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Farmer input needed for year-round access to E15

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a proposed rule that has the potential to make the selling of year-round E15 a reality this year. However, comments from Minnesota’s corn farmers are needed to ensure the rule increases access to E15 while maintaining a strong Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Currently, the proposed rule for E15 is paired with a complex proposal to change rules for Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), the credits that demonstrate compliance with the RFS. 

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Free e-book details the remarkable rise of ethanol in Minnesota

In three short years, Minnesota went from 14 locations offering 88 Octane fuel, commonly known as E15, to over 300 retailers selling the cleaner-burning fuel. The expanded infrastructure combined with a number of other efforts helped Minnesota set all-time highs in ethanol sales last year.

Free to download, “The Rise of Ethanol in Minnesota” e-book details the multi-faceted approach to make Minnesota a national leader in ethanol-blended fuels.

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EPA rule allowing year-round E15 released with cautious optimism

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposed rule allowing year-round sales of E15 this week. While the rule would finally give consumes access to E15 during the summer driving months, a Renewable Identification Number (RIN) reform package also included in the rule tempers biofuel supporters’ optimism.

Year-round access to E15 would provide a much needed boost in corn demand for corn farmers nationwide enduring consecutive years of declining farm income. However, the included RIN reform package will need to be carefully reviewed before the rule is considered an overall win for farmers and biofuel supporters.

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Gov. Walz named chair of Governors’ Biofuels Coalition

Announced last week, Governor Tim Walz was named 2019 chair of the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition. In the role, Walz will work with governors from 22 states on advocacy efforts supporting regional and national biofuel policy development.

A longtime supporter of ethanol-blended fuels, Walz will serve as chair during what will be a crucial year for the future of ethanol. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will soon begin rulemaking for year-round sales of E15,

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Minnesota ethanol sales reach all-time high in 2018

(Minnesota Department of Agriculture Deputy Commissioner Andrea Vaubel addressed the crowd at an event celebrating the state surpassing 300 88 Octane and 400 E85 locations)

The Minnesota Department of Commerce released its year-end station report detailing a record-breaking year for 88 Octane fuel sales, also known as E15, and building momentum for E85 in 2018.

More than 59 million gallons of 88 Octane fuel were sold to Minnesota consumers last year,

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