• Why Join
    Essential advocacy and long-term sustainability.
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    Start your future with MCGA, grow with us.
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    Membership has its rewards.

Why Join

Why Join

Advocacy. Collaboration. Respect.
Effective advocacy is more than noise. It takes a trustworthy champion with the flexibility and skill to build bridges, collaborate, and conquer challenges, year after year. That’s advocacy; that’s the Minnesota Corn Growers Association.

  • MCGA cultivates connections with elected officials and thought leaders to help foster conversation and a better understanding of those issues important to corn farmers such as property taxes, regulation, and health care access.
  • We advocate tirelessly for rural communities at the State Capitol, ensuring that Greater Minnesota receives a fair share of new transportation funding, expanded broadband access, and other priorities important to your community.

Setting the stage for profitability.
From building new international markets to finding new uses that increase demand and developing best management practices that lower production costs, MCGA is setting the stage for long-term profitability and a sustainable future for MN corn farmers and their families.

  • MCGA partners with organizations such as the U.S. Grains Council to build export markets for American agriculture-nurturing a robust and lasting global customer base for Minnesota corn.
  • Minnesota’s corn farmers continue to invest in the future of fuels, funding upgraded infrastructure to bring higher blends of ethanol to market and increase overall corn demand.
  • We collaborate with research institutions to develop sustainable best practices that yield on-farm savings for Minnesota growers, creating a healthier and more productive agricultural system.

How to Join

How to Join

Stay up to date on the issues affecting agriculture, and amplify your voice. Or, take advantage of educational and leadership opportunities, and grow your network. Join MCGA today!

What types of memberships are available?

Young Adult Membership: $20 per year (for ages 16-24 only)
One Year Membership: $75.00
Three Year Membership: $200.00

Join MCGA using the partial refund program:

What is the partial refund program?
Minnesota corn farmers can invest in a membership in MCGA using their check-off dollars. Membership dues are paid from the first dollars collected on a farmers’ corn check-off at the point of first purchase. To authorize and assign payment for a membership in MCGA using the partial refund program, please request a Partial Refund Membership Form below.

Do I qualify for the partial refund program?
If you have sold and checked off (in Minnesota) a minimum of 7,500 bushels of corn at the $.01 rate within the last 12 months, you qualify for a 1-year membership to MCGA.

If you have sold and checked off (in Minnesota) a minimum of 20,000 bushels of your corn at the $.01 rate within the last 12 months, you qualify for a 3-year membership to MCGA.

  • Request a partial refund membership form
    • Applications may be verified to ensure sufficient check-off has been paid and remitted by the “first purchaser” during the last 12 months.

Join MCGA using credit card, check or cash:

Click here to submit your MCGA membership form online.

Or, print a MCGA membership form and mail completed form to:

Minnesota Corn Growers Association
738 1st Avenue East
Shakopee, MN 55379

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) members also have the opportunity to take advantage of additional membership benefits, including:

Discounts on Travel
MCGA members are eligible to receive discounts on travel packages through Premier World Discovery. Book early for best savings. Contact Missy Gilbertson at gilbertson@mncorn.org  or 952-460-3607 for travel package information.

Save on Shipping/Transportation
Based in Minneapolis, SAV Transportation boasts an independent van fleet, independent hopper fleet, flatbed, specialty equipment brokerage, and an online portal giving you access to more than 40 LTL carriers that provide nationwide reach. As an MCGA member, SAV Transportation Group will consider you a preferred customer.

Grain Storage Solutions
On-Store is a turn-key, low cost, large-capacity, quick-install, aerated, full-term, grain storage solution. On-Store counters the adverse harvest trends of low pricing, labor shortages, and productivity losses due to logistical bottlenecks and increased transportation costs. MCGA members receive a $1,000 discount.

Automatic Membership in NCGA
As a member of MCGA, you are also automatically a member of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). This includes additional benefits through Cabela’s, Office Depot, NCGA’s Worldwide Hotel Discount Program, Enterprise Leasing & Rent-a-Car programs, college scholarships, and more. Click here for details.