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How does MN Corn Grow MN?

Hover over one of the Congressional Districts in the map below to learn more about the economic impact of corn and corn farming in your area. To see corn facts by county, click here.

Statewide Totals

Corn Production: 1,476,900,000
Corn Crop Value: $4,504,500,000
Gross Regional Product:$404,470,000
Output: $1,233,280,000
Jobs: 5,226
MCGA Members: 6,565

Hover over the map for individual district stats.

  • Corn Production shown in bushels
  • Corn crop value based on USDA Crop Values 2017 Summary
  • Gross Regional Product (GRP) is very similar to GDP and is the total value added by each step in the supply chain. The GRP can be thought of as the summation of labor income, profit, taxes and indirect business taxes.
  • Output can be defined as the summation of the business revenues that are associated with exports of corn and corn products.
  • Jobs are the total number of jobs supported by the economic activity.
  • MCGA membership as of February 2018

Impact Map

Legend for Impact Map