Advanced Nitrogen Smart

University of Minnesota/Brad Carlson

The Nitrogen Smart program has been a success with documented outcomes showing reductions in unnecessary N fertilizer applications and increased profits due to changes in application practices. The program offers “certification,” although it has no legal status. This certification is good for three years. The program is now poised to enter its third year in 2018, meaning 2019 will see the first group of attendees needing to recertify. Written evaluations of the program show that approximately 89% of attendees state they will maintain their certification status when it expires.

A model that has been successful for Extension in recent years is to offer focused training around a single topic. We believe this is the preferred way to approach Advanced Nitrogen Smart, and propose to develop a number of these trainings over time. Initial development will include a 2.5 hour Advanced Nitrogen Smart session on Manure Management. This session will collect pertinent educational resources together with relevant research and discuss the physical composition of manure, application timing, rate, application practice, applied manure’s place in the nitrogen cycle, and other aspects pertinent to current issues related to nitrogen management.