Field Day to Demonstrate Drainage Water Management and Sub-irrigation

Gerald and Jared Nordick

This project will consist of a field day showcasing innovative drainage systems.

The field day will be open to anyone, but is intended to attract other farmers, county commissioners and county staff, watershed district managers, board members and personnel, local state senators from Minnesota and North Dakota, leaders and managers of state and federal agencies, and agricultural commodity groups. The field day will showcase an innovative subsurface drainage system on the farm. The system is designed to manage when and how much water is being drained via controlled drainage, and to capture and store the drainage water in a storage reservoir so it can be reused and recycled through a subsurface irrigation system. A saturated buffer has also been installed in another field and will be shown during the field day. These systems help better manage water, nutrients, and crop production. Water is reused rather than being sent down the stream, and nutrients are recycled from the drainage water back to growing crops.

The project will demonstrate ongoing collaboration with several partners, including the Wilkin Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) on monitoring impacts and effectiveness of the system.