Research Category: Water Quality

Agricultural Production and the Hydrologic Cycle in the Upper Midwest

University of Minnesota/Tim Griffis

The aim of this research is to gain a better understanding of how agriculture fits within the regional water cycle in the Upper Midwest. This project will use a combination of measurements made at field and regional scales, and mesoscale meteorology-land surface modeling to determine agriculture’s contribution to regional evapotranspiraton (ET), and how changing management to increase water storage coupled with supplemental irrigation can enhance productivity and affect regional hydrology.

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University of Minnesota Extension Water Quality, Nutrient Management, and Agricultural Drainage Education

University of Minnesota Extension/Michael Schmitt

This project supports an area of emphasis within the University of Minnesota Extension for an Extension Educator (Soil-Water and Nutrient Management emphasis). This position’s main objective is to focus on issues pertaining to water quality/nutrient management. Sub-objectives relate to: 1) drainage planning and design for water management; 2) incorporating information relating drainage management to soil nutrient management; and 3) incorporating relevant issues in tillage and manure management to provide additional value and information to corn growers.

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