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Minnesota Corn Growers announce Conservation Innovation Grant recipients

MNcorn_PMSWith a boost from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association’s (MCGA) new Conservation Innovation Grant program, five farmers will be implementing a new conservation practice to better manage nitrogen fertilizer and protect water quality on their farms this growing season. Another Minnesota farmer is receiving funding to host a field day and showcase existing conservation efforts to other area farmers.

A total of $39,000 was awarded to help farmers test or develop an innovative or best practice in the following areas:

  • Nitrate loss reduction
  • Improved nitrogen management practices for Minnesota soils
  • Maintaining or improving water quality,

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Market drives planting intentions: Some stick with the tried and true while others try to reduce costs

Pestorious.2015-0693A quick (unscientific) survey of Minnesota corn growers reveals that the market is very much behind the decision-making process, but for some that means staying the course, while others seek means to lower their costs.

Myron ‘Mickey’ Peterson, who farms with four brothers in Sacred Heart, Minn., says they plan to stick with what has been working for them for a number of years: the same corn and soybean varieties, planted in a 50/50 rotation on about the same amount of land — roughly 3,000 acres among the five partners.

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The farmer’s perspective: Answering questions about agriculture’s impact on water quality

Here at the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, we receive questions every day about farming, water quality and the efforts of farmers to protect and improve our states lakes, rivers and streams.

We decided to take some of the most commonly asked questions and answer them here on the blog. If you have questions that we didn’t answer in this post, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

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Rehm: Farmers can adjust their fertilizer program downward without ‘falling off a cliff’

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

It’s well known: macronutrients phosphorous and potassium impact crop yields.

But the data are somewhat contradictory about how much of each will lead to what result, Prof. George Rehm told the packed audience at the 2015 Minnesota Crop Nutrient Management conference in Mankato.

Looking at studies — some four years, some eight years and longer — across a half dozen locations in Minnesota,

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Mabel corn farmer makes his mark in Corn Yield Contest

National Corn Yield Contestwritten by Jonathan Eisenthal

Despite a late start and below-normal temperatures for much of the growing season, Minnesota’s corn farmers still brought in the bushels. We see that success in this years National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Corn Yield Contest.

Top yields among Minnesota entrants ranged from 211.643 bushels per acre using no-till cultivation up to 270.9354 on non-irrigated farm land.

The top three entrants in four different categories will receive recognition in the “Yield Pride” article,

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Bins overflowing: Corn farmers look at another record

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

In its mid-October crop production report, with a good percentage of the grain in the bin, USDA estimated that corn producers had raised another record crop. Observers calculated nearly 14.5 billion bushels of corn would come off 83 million acres of farmland. Yield would hit 174.4 bushels per acre, national average, according to the Oct. 10 estimate from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Minnesota shows a major gain over last year with a forecast average yield of 170 bushels per acre.

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Roots of MCGA can be traced back to local Corn Economics Group

What started as a “Corn Economics Group” in the late 1960s helped create the now 6,900-member strong Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA).

In 1967, St. James farmer Leroy Leinenweber won a national corn yield contest. The agronomist he worked with at Northrup-King seed company asked Leroy if he’d be willing to talk to other farmers about some of the practices he implemented to boost his yields.

Leroy loved talking farming, so he and another half-dozen other forward-looking farmers gathered at a local watering hole near St.

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Corn in the Northern Valley: An Agvocate's Perspective

Written by Aaron Vipond

As many of you know, over the past 15 years corn acres have been rapidly expanding, especially in the northern crop regions of the United States and Canada. This expansion is helping to keep Minnesota the fourth largest corn producing state after Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska.

Today, in my home county of Mahnomen, Minn., located in the northwestern portion of the state, the USDA estimates that corn production has moved close to 5 million bushels.

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Farm Tour Highlights Nitrate Reduction Strategies

Two research locations in the coarse-textured soils of Central Minnesota highlight the sensitivity of the region to groundwater impacts, but also show how eager farmers are to come up with solutions that reduce the presence of nitrate-nitrogen below very stringent levels.

The Clean Water Fund generated by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment sales tax approved by Minnesota voters presents a number of opportunities to protect or remediate groundwater resources impacted by surface runoff.

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