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MN corn growers focus on efforts that strengthen ag sector

Minnesota’s farms and agribusinesses play a vital role in rural communities and the overall economic well-being of our state. To strengthen the ag sector, Minnesota corn farmers are funding research that shapes its future, building new markets for homegrown commodities, promoting the importance of agriculture to consumers, and advocating at the Capitol.

Through their investment in the corn check-off, Minnesota’s corn growers support nearly $4 million annually in research that identifies opportunities for both corn farmers and their peers in agriculture.

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Get to know “A Greater Minnesota” and its vision for Minnesota agriculture

The following was authored by A Greater Minnesota, which is a coalition of organizations dedicated to good farms, food and jobs in the state. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association is one of eight members supporting its mission to make Minnesota a leading state in agriculture. 

Through A Greater Minnesota (AGM), our goal is to make Minnesota a leading state in agriculture and a greater competitor in the global food economy.

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Corn’s pivotal role in supporting rural Minnesota

The “MN Corn Grows MN” campaign was launched to share information with all Minnesotans about the impact of corn farming on the overall growth of the state. In Greater Minnesota, that impact can be seen in the vital role corn farming plays in supporting rural communities.

Exports of Minnesota-grown corn produced more than $400 million in gross regional product for the state in 2017, with corn crop value totaling more than $4.5 billion.

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Legislative Update: Session ends with a lot to be decided (Updated)

By Amanda Bilek, Minnesota Corn Growers Association senior public policy director

Update: On May 23, Gov. Dayton vetoed the tax and budget bills. During his press conference, the Governor indicated he would make a decision on the bonding bill by the end of the week. MCGA is disappointed in the veto of the tax bill, but we will continue to communicate the importance of Section 179 conformity for Minnesota farmers and work to advance agricultural tax relief in future legislative sessions.

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MCGA: Enact the ag policy bill for the sensible legislation it is (Updated)

Update: A few hours after posting this blog, Governor Dayton vetoed the Agriculture Policy bill. MCGA is disappointed in Gov. Dayton’s decision to not enact this sensible bipartisan legislation.


The Minnesota Corn Growers Association and its grower leaders have worked tirelessly throughout the Minnesota legislative session to advance important priorities for Minnesota corn farmers, including an agriculture policy bill that includes several broadly supported provisions to support agricultural production and Minnesota farm families.

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Buffers in eastern MN

Ag organizations unite to call for buffer tax credit

TAKE ACTION NOW! Contact your legislators and Governor Dayton now and ask that they immediately pass HF 4395/SF 3960 – providing a much-needed $50-per-acre property tax credit for farm acres that are required to be removed from production and converted into buffers. Quickly and easily send an email to your legislators and Gov. Dayton today.

  • I’m a farmer. Click here to submit a letter.
  • I’m not a farmer.

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Legislative Update: Section 179, Buffer Tax Credit and more hit home stretch

By Amanda Bilek, Minnesota Corn Growers Association senior public policy director

It sounds like planters are finally starting to roll in most areas of Minnesota. While you are busy in the field, lawmakers are busy in St. Paul trying to finalize a long to-do list during the last two weeks of session.


Last week the Senate worked on their tax bill by giving an overview in the taxes committee,

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Minnesota corn farmers take proactive approach to water quality

In fall 2016, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association and its grower leaders announced an ambitious goal to become the most sustainable and environmentally responsible corn farmers in the nation. A major part of that goal is to continuously improve the measures implemented by farmers to protect nearby waterways.

Minnesota’s corn growers are investing in research and education to better manage their use of nitrogen fertilizer. Since 2014, Minnesota’s corn farmers have invested nearly $6 million of their own funds through the corn check-off in education and research that improves nitrogen management strategies to reduce nitrate loss in water.

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Bioincentive Program encourages expanding the uses of corn

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

By investing in expanding the uses of corn, Minnesota’s corn growers have made products more environmentally friendly by replacing fossil fuels with corn. The incentive program that will help launch these advanced renewables industries in Minnesota is the Bioincentive Program, put in place by the state Legislature in 2015.

Modeled on the very successful (now retired) Ethanol Producers’ Credit, the Bioincentive Program rewards commercial-scale production of advanced biofuels,

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MDA releases proposed Groundwater Protection Rule

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) released the proposed Groundwater Protection Rule – previously referred to as the Nitrogen Fertilizer Rule – this morning. The proposed rule, the statement of need and reasonableness, appendixes for the statement of need and reasonableness and the notice of public hearings in July are all listed on the MDA website, which can be viewed here.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) and its grower leaders will be carefully reviewing the more than 400 pages of documents over the coming days.

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