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Sen. Smith visits Cannon Falls corn farm to discuss issues impacting farmers

U.S. Senator Tina Smith visited the farm of Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) director Les Anderson in Cannon Falls to discuss the issues impacting the state’s corn growers. The visit was the latest in the “MN Corn Grows MN” initiative, which was launched to bring candidates for elected office to family corn farms to raise awareness of the importance of corn farming in our state.

Anderson, joined by his wife Jeannie,

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Walz, Feehan visit Courtland farm to discuss issues impacting corn farmers

Gubernatorial candidate Tim Walz and First Congressional District candidate Dan Feehan visited the Courtland farm of Tim Waibel Friday to discuss issues corn farmers are facing in the First District and all of Minnesota.

The visit was the latest in the “MN Corn Grows MN” campaign, which was launched to bring candidates for elected office to family corn farms to raise awareness of the importance of corn farming in our state.

Upon arrival,

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NAFTA agreement brings much-needed certainty to Minnesota corn farmers

Late Sunday, the United States, Canada and Mexico reached an agreement in principle on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), renamed the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The news was met with praise by Minnesota farmers.

“While we are still evaluating its benefit to American agriculture, this week’s agreement is a much-needed positive development for Minnesota corn farmers and their families,” Minnesota Corn Growers Association President Brian Thalmann said. “Both Mexico and Canada have become vital trade partners under NAFTA,

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MN corn growers focus on efforts that strengthen ag sector

Minnesota’s farms and agribusinesses play a vital role in rural communities and the overall economic well-being of our state. To strengthen the ag sector, Minnesota corn farmers are funding research that shapes its future, building new markets for homegrown commodities, promoting the importance of agriculture to consumers, and advocating at the Capitol.

Through their investment in the corn check-off, Minnesota’s corn growers support nearly $4 million annually in research that identifies opportunities for both corn farmers and their peers in agriculture.

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NCGA President Skunes reflects on year of highs and lows

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association and Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council welcomed National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) President Kevin Skunes to its joint board meeting last week. For Skunes, it was an opportunity to recap what was a tumultuous year for NCGA as it worked to overcome federal issues impacting the nation’s corn farmers.

Skunes, who farms in Arthur, N.D., said when his one-year term started last October he envisioned the farm bill would occupy the majority of his efforts.

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Market Facilitation Program now open for recipients of trade aid

As of Tuesday, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Market Facilitation Program (MFP) is providing direct payments to farmers who have been negatively impacted by recently imposed foreign tariffs. To ensure a smooth application process, all producers are encouraged to follow a few recommendations.

MFP sign-up began on Sept. 4, with farmers having until Jan. 15 to apply for payment. The September timeframe was intended for pork and dairy producers who qualify for aid, with crop producers applying later in the fall after harvest to spread out requests and not overload county offices.

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Major Mexican pork producer visits MN to explore adding DDGS in their rations

Granjas Carroll, the second-largest pork producer in Mexico, visited Minnesota last week to analyze re-introducing dried distillers’ grains (DDGS) into their rations. Hosted by the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) and the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA), the tour was an opportunity to demonstrate the cost-saving and nutritional benefits of DDGS.

Granjas Carroll came to the United States and Minnesota, specifically, to explore re-introducing DDGS into their pork rations after discontinuing their use 11 years ago due to flowability and economic concerns.

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Corn Congress brings growers to nation’s capital to advocate for top priorities

By Amanda Bilek, Minnesota Corn Growers Association Senior Public Policy Director

Last week the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) was in Washington D.C. with our fellow state corn organizations to participate in Corn Congress. Corn grower delegates and alternates from across the U.S. come together twice a year to debate and adopt new policy positions that make up the National Corn Growers Association policy book, which gives direction on federal policy positions.

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Harold Wolle provides a tour to a U.S. Grain Council trade team

MN Corn Grows MN expands to candidates and more statewide

Since its official launch last summer at Farmfest, the momentum behind the MN Corn Grows MN initiative continues to strengthen. The campaign began by bringing candidates for elected office to family corn farms and has since grown to promote the vital role of corn farming in our state with all Minnesotans.

To date, eight gubernatorial candidates and four candidates for Minnesota’s 1st congressional district visited family corn farms. By spending a couple hours on the farm,

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Corn’s pivotal role in supporting rural Minnesota

The “MN Corn Grows MN” campaign was launched to share information with all Minnesotans about the impact of corn farming on the overall growth of the state. In Greater Minnesota, that impact can be seen in the vital role corn farming plays in supporting rural communities.

Exports of Minnesota-grown corn produced more than $400 million in gross regional product for the state in 2017, with corn crop value totaling more than $4.5 billion.

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