Field day shares soil health tips and tricks from the pits

University of Minnesota Extension Educator Jodi DeJong-Hughes has spent much of career below ground analyzing soil health from pits on farms across Minnesota. This Sept. 10, she will be hosting a field day that will for the first time share how farmers can do this analysis on their own.

Held in Granite Falls, the field day will share how attendees can take a shovel to any part of their field and have a better understanding of what they are seeing for soil health.

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Innovation Grant Spotlight: Taking the unknowns out of raising crops

(Velde installed the in-ground drip irrigation system in 2017)

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

The rise in technology is changing how we farm. For example, today’s farmers have the ability to know, in real time, exactly how much moisture and what volume of nutrients lay in the soil.

Yellow Medicine County farmer Brian Velde is testing the impact of these next generation insights as part of the Minnesota Corn Innovation Grant Program,

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Minnesota Corn returns to the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair returns Thursday, and the Minnesota Corn Growers Association is excited to once again have a multi-faceted presence at the fair. Attendees of the “Great Minnesota Get-Together” will be treated to a new corn-themed attraction, as well as fan favorites.

Debut of the Minnesota Corn Fairstalk

Debuting this year at the State Fair, the Minnesota Corn Fairstalk is a 24-foot-tall art installation celebrating Minnesota agriculture. The Minnesota Corn Growers Association and Minnesota Corn Research &

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The 2020 Innovation Grant Program RFP is open for Minnesota’s corn growers

Minnesota corn farmers once again have the opportunity to put their innovative conservation ideas into action through the Minnesota Corn Innovation Grant Program. The RFP for the program officially opened earlier this month, with proposals being accepted until Dec. 31.

In its fifth year, the Innovation Grant Program has widened its focus for innovative projects on the farm. Last year, the program expanded to accept solutions to prevent both nitrogen and phosphorous loss to ground and surface water.

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Festival to celebrate opening of ag-focused Arboretum exhibit

(While focused on the future, the Farm at the Arb exhibit will also honor agriculture’s past with a renovated red barn.)

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum will for the first time tell the story of modern Minnesota agriculture in a new farm exhibit opening in September. Supported by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA), the “Farm at the Arb” provides the arboretum’s more than 500,000 annual visitors an up close look at how food is grown today.

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