Corn starch based packing sheet

NewStarch Solutions LLC/Dean Bartels

NewStarch Solutions is a MN registered LLC located in Plymouth, MN. The company manufactures corn based starch resins for use in bio-degradable corn starch packing peanuts. The company has been in business since 2016. Owners have a combined experience in the corn starch resin manufacturing business of 40 years working with similar companies. The company intends to use a modified single screw extruder and take away equipment capable of taking corn starch resin and processing it into a corn starch sheet. The corn starch sheet will be used for packaging such as cold chain, food service, and general protective packaging.
This extruder will be capable of processing 300-500 lbs./hr. of corn starch resin. NewStarch Solutions has a patent pending on the sheet product and process. The corn starch sheet will be manufactured at the Plymouth location. Market demand for the corn starch sheet product is forecasted to potentially exceed 100 million lbs. of resin per year (equivalent to nearly 11,000 acres of corn) NewStarch Solutions currently has limited production/processing equipment to process the volume of resin needed for the sheet product.