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Cover crops become focus at U of M Winter Crops Meeting

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

University of Minnesota Professor M. Scott Wells laid out a good news, bad news situation for Winter Crops Day attendees: The good news is cover crops are performing well in Minnesota. The bad news is farmers aren’t making any money at it.

The topic was very much of interest to the more than two dozen farmers meeting at Winter Crops Day in Rochester earlier this month.

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Minnesota farmer recognized for soil health efforts

(Brian Ryberg with Soil Health Partnership Executive Director Shefali Mehta (left) and Field Manager Tricia Verville)

Buffalo Lake farmer Brian Ryberg was honored with a “Seeds of Change” award at the Soil Health Partnership’s 2019 Soil Health Summit in St. Louis last week. Ryberg received the “Super Sprout” award for his tremendous contributions as a first-year member of the Soil Health Partnership.

Ryberg dove headfirst into the SHP program,

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Soil Health Summit now open to all farmers interested in innovative soil health practices

The 2019 Soil Health Summit will again unite farmers, agronomists, environmental groups and more in St. Louis to discuss the latest in soil health research. And for the first time in its history, the Summit, scheduled Jan. 15-16, will be open to the public.

Organized by the Soil Health Partnership (SHP), the Soil Health Summit will feature opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, collaboration, and education on the latest in soil health strategies,

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Palmer amaranth concerns reinforce need to review seed labels

Concerning reports from Minnesota farm country have identified Palmer amaranth in farm fields, with the latest coming last week in Jackson County. While state officials are hard at work investigating the source of the invasive weed, farmers can play a role in preventing it spreading by taking extra precautions.

First, officials have recommended farmers take an extra look at the labels found on cover crop seed mixtures. Palmer amaranth is listed as a “Prohibitive Weed Seed,” meaning it is not allowed in any seed offered for sale in the state.

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Innovation Grant Spotlight: Making a better window for cover crops

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

Innovation Grant Program participant Brock Olson has seen cover crops work well with corn and soybeans on his acres in Goodhue County. To give cover crops a longer period to flourish before the hard frost comes, Olson is adding winter rye to his rotation.

By adding a crop that is harvested in late July, Olson sees multiple benefits—arresting soil and nutrient loss, building up soil organic matter,

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2018 Minnesota Corn Research Directory available now

The 2018 Research Directory is available now for farmers interested in an overview of research projects jointly funded by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) and the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council (MCR&PC) through the Minnesota corn check-off.

The 2018 directory features the latest on research focused on agronomy and plant genetics, corn utilization, fuels and emissions, livestock, soil fertility, water quality, and projects through the Minnesota Corn Innovation Grant Program.

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Corn growers see long-term benefit of best practices

Minnesota’s corn growers are working towards becoming the most sustainable and environmentally responsible corn farmers in the nation. The goal requires both a strong commitment to land stewardship by the state’s farmers and a financial commitment to ensure today’s best practices reflect the latest research.

Through the investment in the corn check-off, Minnesota’s farmers are working with third-party research institutions, growers and state officials to develop practices that leave the land fruitful for future generations.

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Field day focuses on reducing impact of weather extremes through soil health practices

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

When it comes to soil health, every farmer knows the impact of prolonged high temperatures, heavy winds and sudden downpours. Cover crops are gaining in popularity to help reduce the negative effects of Mother Nature, and a recent field day, organized by the Soil Health Partnership, took a deep dive into cover crop practices that help farmers better weather drought and soil movement from wind or rain.

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Field day on July 17 takes comprehensive look at cover crop strategies

As part of its mission to make farming more productive and sustainable through soil health, the Soil Health Partnership is holding a field day Tuesday, July 17, in Buffalo Lake for an up-close look at cover crop strategies.

Hosted on the farm of Brian Ryberg, who is a Minnesota Corn Innovation Grant Participant, the field day is titled “Growing Farm Returns through Soil Health.” From 1:30 p.m.

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Minnesota corn growers foster innovation

Minnesota’s corn farmers are on the forefront of agricultural evolution. Through their investment in the corn check-off, the state’s corn growers devote more than $4 million annually in research that shapes the future of agriculture and the way we use agricultural products.

Current on-farm research is taking a closer look at efficiency around the use of vital nutrients. Corn farmer-funded research at the University of Minnesota seeks a deeper understanding of the behavior of potassium in the soil,

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