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Nitrogen fertilizer application

Nitrogen Smart builds on nitrogen management offerings in fourth year

University of Minnesota Extension’s Nitrogen Smart returns later this month with seminars scheduled across Minnesota farm country focused on the fundamentals of nitrogen management. Now in its fourth year, the program has expanded on its acclaimed curriculum to offer online and advanced education options.

Nitrogen Smart’s research-based education on nitrogen management returns Jan. 28 in Rochester, with dates following in Waseca, St. Cloud and Lamberton (full schedule below). More than 700 farmers have attended Nitrogen Smart sessions to date,

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ALJ report concludes Groundwater Protection Rule may move forward

The Office of Administrative Hearings issued its report with respect to the proposed Groundwater Protection Rule on Monday, concluding that the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) may move forward with the proposed rule, subject to a few required modifications.

In August, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) testified and submitted comments showing that the additional regulations were not necessary at this time. While the administrative law judge ruled the Groundwater Protection Rule should move forward,

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MCGA raises Groundwater Protection Rule concerns in latest comment period

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) is committed to protecting drinking water in Minnesota. The vast majority of Minnesota farm families rely on groundwater as a source of drinking water. Since 2012, MCGA has invested nearly $6 million dollars to fund research and educate farmers on ways to improve the efficient use of fertilizer in their farming operations.

MCGA has actively been involved and advocating on behalf of Minnesota corn farmers as the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has been considering and eventually proposing a rule that would prohibit fall application of nitrogen fertilizer in vulnerable groundwater areas and drinking water supply management areas (DWSMAs) with additional mitigation requirements in DWSMAs.

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2018 Minnesota Corn Research Directory available now

The 2018 Research Directory is available now for farmers interested in an overview of research projects jointly funded by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) and the Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council (MCR&PC) through the Minnesota corn check-off.

The 2018 directory features the latest on research focused on agronomy and plant genetics, corn utilization, fuels and emissions, livestock, soil fertility, water quality, and projects through the Minnesota Corn Innovation Grant Program.

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Corn growers see long-term benefit of best practices

Minnesota’s corn growers are working towards becoming the most sustainable and environmentally responsible corn farmers in the nation. The goal requires both a strong commitment to land stewardship by the state’s farmers and a financial commitment to ensure today’s best practices reflect the latest research.

Through the investment in the corn check-off, Minnesota’s farmers are working with third-party research institutions, growers and state officials to develop practices that leave the land fruitful for future generations.

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The 2019 Innovation Grant Program RFP is open for Minnesota’s corn growers

Minnesota corn farmers once again have the opportunity to put their innovative conservation ideas into action through the Minnesota Corn Innovation Grant Program. The RFP for the program officially opened today, with proposals being accepted until Dec. 31.

In its fourth year, the Innovation Grant Program is accepting proposals focused on innovation solutions to preventing both nitrogen and phosphorous loss to ground and surface water. Each accepted proposal will feature novel practices related to improved nitrogen and/or phosphorous management on a field scale program.

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Nitrogen fertilizer application

MCGA testifies on Groundwater Protection Rule; Comment period extended to Aug. 15

Administrative Law Judge hearings on the Groundwater Protection Rule began Monday in Farmington, and Minnesota Corn Growers Association President Kirby Hettver was on hand to provide testimony on behalf of the state’s corn growers.

Prior to Hettver’s testimony, officials announced the written comment period for the proposed Groundwater Protection Rule was extended until Aug. 15, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. For farmers who are unable to attend a hearing, the additional two weeks provides more time to submit written comments during the busy summer months.

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Groundwater Protection Rule: Your input is needed

The formal rulemaking process for the Groundwater Protection Rule continues to move forward. Five public Administrative Law Judge hearings will be held around the state starting next week and written comments on the proposed  rule may be submitted through August 2. It is vital all corn farmers engage in this process and provide comment to ensure the rule accomplishes its goal of protecting the state’s groundwater while making sense in implementation.

To help growers stay up to date on the rule and better understand the formal rulemaking process,

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Minnesota corn growers foster innovation

Minnesota’s corn farmers are on the forefront of agricultural evolution. Through their investment in the corn check-off, the state’s corn growers devote more than $4 million annually in research that shapes the future of agriculture and the way we use agricultural products.

Current on-farm research is taking a closer look at efficiency around the use of vital nutrients. Corn farmer-funded research at the University of Minnesota seeks a deeper understanding of the behavior of potassium in the soil,

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Harold Wolle provides a tour to a U.S. Grain Council trade team

MN Corn Grows MN expands to candidates and more statewide

Since its official launch last summer at Farmfest, the momentum behind the MN Corn Grows MN initiative continues to strengthen. The campaign began by bringing candidates for elected office to family corn farms and has since grown to promote the vital role of corn farming in our state with all Minnesotans.

To date, eight gubernatorial candidates and four candidates for Minnesota’s 1st congressional district visited family corn farms. By spending a couple hours on the farm,

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