Big Oil's ultimate goal: Get rid of the RFS

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed slashing the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and lowering 2014 ethanol blending targets by 1.4 billion gallons last Friday.

Of course, Big Oil companies and their allies praised the proposal. Even though the EPA’s decision is a step backward for American consumers, it’s a major step forward for the oil industry as it strives to strengthen its monopoly on the transportation fuels market.

Oil companies smell blood in the water. They know that this proposed reduction is a major step toward their ultimate goal: a full repeal of the RFS and the elimination of direct competition provided by homegrown renewable fuels like ethanol.

The RFS will be debated endlessly in the coming weeks. The debate will get loud, and much of it will be from noise created by Big Oil to achieve their ultimate goal: Getting rid of the RFS for good.

What happens if Big Oil gets its way and the RFS is eliminated? A lot of things. None of them good.

  • Gas prices will go up.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions will increase.
  • America will import more oil from countries that hate us.
  • Birds will have to deal with this: Oily bird
  • Humans will have to clean up more of these.
  • Fuel choices will be taken away from American consumers who are demanding a free market and options at the pump.

Don’t let Big Oil get even bigger. Tell EPA Administrator Gina MccCarthy and the White House to leave the RFS alone and to keep America committed to developing a domestically produced alternative to foreign oil.

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