Northfield farmer uses Innovation Grant to test precision ag services

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

Sam Peterson’s farm in Northfield includes a variety of soil types, with sand, loam and clay all represented on his acres.

This soil diversity makes Peterson’s farm the perfect place to test variable rate technology (VRT)—a suite of precision agriculture tools that help farmers better manage seed and fertilizer inputs by only utilizing what is needed for each particular part of a field.

Peterson’s proposal to test each VRT program was accepted through the Minnesota Corn Innovation Grant Program,

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Peru trade group explores DDGS in Minnesota

A team of buyers and nutritionists from Peru’s livestock industries visited Minnesota last week to learn about the distiller’s dried grains (DDGS) production process and usage in poultry and cattle diets.

Organized in partnership with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) and U.S. Grains Council (USGC), the all-inclusive tour brought the group from the corn farm to the ethanol plant to the livestock farm and feed mills.

Already a top-five importer of American corn,

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Call-to-Action: Tell the EPA to finally account for actual gallons waived

Minnesota’s corn farmers must once again make their voice heard and demand the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) follows the law set by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

The Trump Administration announced in October that the EPA would finally replace ethanol gallons waived through refinery exemptions moving forward. Unfortunately once details were released on how that reallocation would happen, the nation’s corn farmers were greatly disappointed.

While the EPA will begin to account for waivers to keep the RFS whole,

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Perfect storm squeezes MN propane supply

Written by Jonathan Eisenthal

Demand for propane in Minnesota is surging following a delayed harvest leaving corn with higher moisture content and an earlier-than-usual start to home-heating season. Consumption is running at levels not seen in seven years, according to some propane dealers.

This is the wettest year on record for Minnesota, combined with the lowest amount of measured evaporation since 1964, according to University of Minnesota College of Food,

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MCGA’s Thalmann defends the RFS in EPA hearing on waivers

(MCGA Chairman Brian Thalmann (second from right) testified at the EPA hearing today)

Minnesota Corn Growers Association Chairman Brian Thalmann testified in Ypsilanti, Mich., earlier today calling on the EPA to follow the law and accurately account for expected refinery waivers in the 2020 RFS volume rule. Thalmann testified on behalf of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) as a member of NCGA’s Ethanol Action Team.

Thalmann interrupted harvest work on his Plato farm to testify in the EPA hearing to review the agency’s supplemental proposal to the 2020 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) rulemaking.

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