MCGA invites gubernatorial candidates to the farm

MN Corn Grows MN

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) announced it is inviting all 2018 gubernatorial candidates to a one-on-one farm experience with a Minnesota corn farmer. With this invitation, growers hope to build relationships and foster conversation about farmers’ commitment to conservation, and also emphasize the significant economic impact of agriculture in both rural and urban communities in Minnesota.

“Minnesota corn farmers look forward to hosting all gubernatorial candidates, regardless of political persuasion, on a farm to help share how growers are working to raise high quality crops while caring for our state’s natural resources,” said MCGA President Harold Wolle.

A recent statewide survey of Minnesota residents by MCGA found that 73 percent of respondents have a positive view of Minnesota farmers. However, only 38 percent of Minnesota residents actually know a farmer, yet 95 percent of respondents desire more information on modern farming practices.

“Most individuals are now three or four generations removed from the farm,” said Wolle. “Our hope is this firsthand experience will help candidates for Governor, if elected, make future policy decisions based on science and research, and also better understand the importance of agriculture to our state’s economy.”

In an effort to build better connections with the public and candidates and to encourage greater dialogue about corn farming in Minnesota, MCGA has also launched “MN Corn Grows MN”. Visit to learn more about #MNCornGrowsMN, and MCGA’s commitment to environmental and economic sustainability.

About the Minnesota Corn Growers Association
With nearly 7,000 members, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association’s mission is to identify and promote opportunities for the state’s 24,000 corn farmers, while building better connections with the non-farming public. MCGA works to accomplish this through third-party research that focuses on water quality and soil health, targeted consumer outreach, developing new uses for corn and working to add value to every bushel of corn grown in Minnesota. MCGA is committed to helping Minnesota corn farmers become the most sustainable and environmentally responsible corn farmers in the nation.

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