MCGA welcomes year-round sales of E15

President Donald Trump announced this afternoon that consumers will now have year-round access to E15, providing Minnesotans and beyond another option at the pump and helping grow demand for the nation’s corn farmers. Minnesota Corn Growers Association President Brian Thalmann released the following statement on today’s development:

We thank President Trump for following through on his commitment to America’s farmers. Corn farmers across the country have been advocating for year-round sales of E15 to help grow demand, provide consumers with more options at the pump and improve economic conditions across rural America.

While the news is welcomed by corn farmers currently in their fifth-consecutive year of depressed commodity prices, access to E15 will also help further environmental policy goals. E15 has lower evaporative emissions than E10 and, therefore, less impact on ground-level ozone, as well as lower tailpipe emissions. 

Learn more about E15, also known as 88 Octane, and find a station offering it near you at

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