Nitrogen Smart seminar continues from the comfort of your home

Nitrogen Smart recently wrapped up its fourth year of seminars across Minnesota farm country focused on the fundamentals of nitrogen management. For farmers unable to attend, University of Minnesota Extension launched an online version of Nitrogen Smart that farmers can now take year-round at home.

An identical curriculum to in-person seminars, Nitrogen Smart’s new and interactive training program creates a unique experience for producers based on their own operation and region.

The online curriculum focuses on the sources of nitrogen for crops, how to manage nitrogen in drainage systems, an update on regulations and how they impact farmers, and practices to refine nitrogen management. Participants who complete the online course receive the same certification as farmers who attend an in-person seminar.

More than 700 farmers have attended Nitrogen Smart sessions to date, with 95 percent of attendees stating they would recommend the course to a fellow farmer. To date, the curriculum has helped attending farmers save, on average, more than $3,200 from either increased yields or reduced fertilizer costs.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association supports the Nitrogen Smart program as part of its mission to become the most sustainable and environmentally responsible corn farmers in the country.

Find more information and Nitrogen Smart and instructions to complete the online course at

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