Field Work podcast to host a meet-and-greet in Minnesota Corn tent during Farmfest

Mitchell Hora (left) and Zach Johnson are the hosts of Field Work

Another reason the Minnesota Corn tent will be the place to be at Farmfest: The hosts of the Field Work podcast will be taking over Tent 702 on Tuesday for a meet-and-greet before they record an episode of the show at Farmfest later in the day.

From noon till 1pm on Tuesday, Hosts Zach Johnson, known to many for his “MN Millennial Farmer” Youtube channel, and Mitchell Hora will be in the Minnesota Corn tent for a meet and greet with fans of the podcast. Attendees are encouraged to stop by and chat with the hosts.

Following the meet and greet, Johnson and Hora will be joined by their fathers to record a podcast focused on generational perspectives of sustainable agriculture. Farmfest attendees can watch the discussion in the Wick Building at 3pm on Tuesday.  

Stay tuned to Minnesota Corn social channels (Twitter and Facebook) next week for a chance to win Field Work swag and more!

Field Work podcast features commercial farmers who share their own experiences with sustainable agriculture, including what’s worked, what hasn’t and why. Inspired by the frank conversations that happen with on-farm field days, the podcast builds the understanding and trust required before farmers will consider taking on the risk of changing time-honored practices. Learn more at

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